100 Colorado Creatives: Andrew Novick

Self-portrait by Andrew Novick, from Blood Lustre.
#1: Andrew Novick

Andrew Novick is many things, but it all boils down to being an enthusiast of the highest order: for weird food, goth culture, Harajuku style and visual Japanglish, Peeps, Casa Bonita, collecting nearly everything, horror films, lowbrow art, mini-golf, toppings, being this week's Westword cover boy and many more hundreds of things on a list too vast to repeat here in entirety. And he graciously shares all his enthusiasms with the public by throwing what can only be called happenings, thereby making us smile and have fun and want to do it again and again, kind of like sex. Denver's underside is all the better for having someone like Novick around to keep things popping, so here he is, words and all.

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Anthony Camera

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

My first thought was Nikola Tesla -- his work/inventions with x-rays, electricity and radio were astounding, and his struggles with corporations, government and interest in aliens were interesting too! Since someone has mentioned Tesla in 100CC already, I had better throw in my second thought: Japanese pop artist/designer/director Nagi Noda. Her high-quality and varied creative output is very inspiring, and she died way too young. Noda, Tesla and I could create electricity as clothing, art as food and broadcast weird cuteness worldwide.

Anthony Camera
Andrew Novick's X-Treme Pancake Breakfast returns to the Denver County Fair this August.
Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

I'm still a sucker for Mark Ryden, and I'm loving Megz Majewski, Anathema Photography and almost any other blood-related art I see. Also, Charles Phoenix never ceases to disappoint me with his eye for ephemera and food as art.

What's one art trend you want to see die this year?

I think terms like DIY, handcrafted and artisan are ubiquitous and therefore have become pointless

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