100 Colorado Creatives: Anthony Garcia Sr.

#12: Anthony Garcia Sr.

Raised in Globeville, Anthony Garcia Sr. knows the street, but his artist's vision only wants to make the street more beautiful -- with grassroots public art and murals. Garcia may have moved on from Globeville, but his heart remains in the community, where members of the Birdseed Collective, a cooperative artists' organization that he leads, works on arts-based projects with local kids while banding together to create opportunities for sharing their work. Last year, Garcia helped create one of two public murals decorating a highway overpass in Globeville, while also upping Birdseed's fundraising efforts with the goal of diversifying the group's community work. What will he be doing this year? Learn the answer to that and more from his 100CC questionnaire, which follows.

All photos courtesy of Anthony Garcia Sr.

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If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

I am the type of person who likes to show the world what people have to offer. If I was alive during the ancient Mayan or Egyptian times, I would be curious as to what my role would be or where I would fit in being the go-getter that I am. My spiritual side would pull me more towards a shaman or witch-doctor role, but the artist in me would love to take part in the creation of the temples and their design. The arts are very spiritually based, and my energy should be used for more than just that. 

Who in the world is interesting to you right now and why?

Jimmy Fallon -- his playful yet down-to-earth attitude shows the world that it is okay to have fun and still be successful.

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I am so lucky and honored--my classroom at South High School has an Anthony Garcia original mural, and it is the most beautiful room in the school as a result. I can honestly say, his art affects my life and makes it better every day! :0)

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Sterling Meeks

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