Denver Comic Con: Convention heads respond to co-founder Charlie La Greca's allegations

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Since its founding in 2012, Denver Comic Con (DCC) has become a powerful force; it attracted 61,000 attendees last year, making it the fifth-largest comic convention nationwide. But as in comic books, with power often comes turmoil. Yesterday morning, co-founder Charlie La Greca posted an open letter on a new "Save Denver Comic Con" website alleging he was forced out of the operation and that the DCC and its affiliated nonprofit, Comic Book Classroom (CBC), are plagued with mismanagement. Now La Greca's former colleagues -- convention director Christina Angel and CBC education director Illya Kowalchuk -- have responded to his accusations.

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In his letter, La Greca says he was removed from the organization against his wishes; that another co-founder, Frank Romero, resigned; and that the Comic Book Classroom board of directors walked away from an attempt to resolve matters through mediation and instead threatened him with a lawsuit. But Angel and Kowalchuk, who note they're also co-founders, say that's not the way events transpired. According to them, last spring before the 2013 convention, La Greca, then a boardmember, asked to get paid. As an all-volunteer organization, CBC doesn't pay its boardmembers, so La Greca stepped down and was hired as a three-month contract employee, helping with art direction for the convention.

"Over the course of the three months of the contract, he did his job to the best of his ability, and then after three months, his contract was not renewed," says Kowalchuk, who's reluctant to explain why. "I feel it would be unprofessional of us to discuss the circumstances around our decision to not renew his contract. It doesn't feel like the right thing to do out in the open, for Charlie's sake."

He later adds, "You have to have the right people in the right positions doing the right jobs. And sometimes, it's not personal. It's about having the best intentions of the organization at heart."

Yes, say Angel and Kowalchuk, late last summer, the parties involved did attempt mediation, but they say it was La Greca who sabotaged the effort, informing the board of directors that he'd obtained nonprofit legal counsel on the day they were supposed to discuss whether to continue with mediation. "He was the one who lawyered-up first and forced our hand to seek legal council," says Angel, although Kowalchuk adds that there is no pending legal action.

As for co-founder Frank Romero? "It's implied in Charlie's letter that we forced him out," says Angel. "That is not the case. He resigned for personal reasons. We are on amicable terms with him, and he is welcome to return at any time."

Angel and Kowalchuk also contest La Greca's claim in his letter that "since the 2013 convention, it seems the teaching and literacy programs have been nonexistent." They note that Comic Book Classroom, a comic literacy organization funded by convention revenue, is currently running a program in Alicia Sanchez Elementary School in Lafayette. While that's less programming than usual, they say that's because the operation has been busy gearing up for a far more ambitious effort than ever before.

Read on for more of the Denver Comic Con board's response to Charlie La Greca

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Denver Comic Con and Illya Kowalchuk have completely fired up the students at West Generation Academy. We are using their curriculum, and over 50 students are currently writing, illustrating and documenting through video and website creation their stories they hope to present at Denver Comic Con in June. While I don't know the details of the board dispute, I can point to local students benefiting directly from Denver Comic Con.


Charlies response to have the DCC address this at the Town Hall meeting is pretty compelling. It doesn't seem like he would hold a public forum, and invite them if he didn't have some proof to back his claims.


Well written.  There are always two sides to every story, people should listen to both.

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