Five reasons I love being a geek

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and love is in the air. Lists of romantic movies. Articles on romantic date ideas. Five easy tips to please your lover. Love here, love there, love fucking everywhere. It gets a little tiresome, honestly, especially if you're one of those people who isn't currently enjoying the bounty of love that is all around. That's why for this Valentine's Day column, I'm going to do something different, and talk about ... love. Wait, wait! Don't run off. I'm not going to talk about romance for geeks or anything like that -- the love I'm talking about today is the love of being a geek, specifically why I love being a geek.

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I'll get to these someday...
5) You never run out of things to geek out on
No matter how much of the geek world you embrace, there's always more. Even within specific niches of geekdom, there are seemingly endless depths to explore. I can rattle off a dozen geek TV shows that I adore and have watched from beginning to end, but there are two dozen more purported to be just as great that I've never watched. I've played a dozen pen-and-paper role-playing games, but there must be 200 more out there I've never looked into. I own at least four well-reviewed and popular video games whose shrink wrap I have yet to break, and I haven't even looked at the latest generation of gaming hardware. No matter how much of this stuff I immerse myself in, there's always more -- and that's wonderful.

Laugh all you want, this guy is okay by me.
4) Geeks don't have to be cool
I've been deeply involved with a handful of subcultures over the course of my life, from skater to raver to beardy hipster indie rock guy. Almost all of them require you to be "cool" to fit in -- wear the right clothes, like the right bands, have a fashionable haircut, etc. -- and fuck, does that get old. You don't have to be cool to be a geek. Wear whatever you want, no one cares. Hair sticks up like it's never been cut? No problem. You like Britney Spears but the guys in your playgroup are into black metal? Well, they're going to give you shit about it, but no one really minds. It's very refreshing, and comforting, to know that I can go to play Magic dressed in anything from cargo jorts and faded Metallica T-shirt to a three-piece suit, and no one is going to give a single fuck.

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Dominic Lopez
Dominic Lopez

im a chess and magic player i get my nerd on all day

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