Geek love: Five film tales of nerd romance

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If these two can find love together, we all have a shot.
Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, and love is in the air. Everywhere you look, people are planning fancy dates or at least renting their favorite romantic movies for a night of couch-snuggling with their beloved. Contrary to the stereotypes, geeks are no different. Well, maybe a little different -- at least when it comes to favorite romantic movies. Where your average person might reach for Titanic, The Notebook or Casablanca -- fine movies all! -- geeks prefer geekier love stories. After all, why settle for normal people in love when you could enjoy superheroes, aliens or even just other geeks in love? With that in mind, we present five geeky love stories for the ages.

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Superman: The Movie
Sure, the love story between Superman and Lois Lane isn't really the focal point of the movie, but there's no denying that the Man of Steel has a serious soft spot for the plucky reporter. He flies her around the city, gives her an exclusive interview and then, after her untimely death, proves his love by spinning the Earth backwards so quickly that time itself is reversed. Admittedly, this makes absolutely no sense, but you have to admit that it's pretty fucking romantic, allowing him to save his love and set the stage for even more romancing in Superman II.

Napoleon Dynamite
The quirky, family-safe indie comedy Napoleon Dynamite features two of the biggest geeks ever committed to film in Napoleon and Kip Dynamite, a pair of brothers growing up in a rural Idaho community. Over the course of the film, both of them find true love -- Kip with LaFawnduh, a woman he meets in an AOL chatroom, and Napoleon with Deb, who he attempts to impress by catching her a delicious bass. It's even good for the forever alone out there, because if these two awkward goofballs can find love, there's hope for everybody. Even Uncle Rico reunites with his girlfriend, and there's a nice bromance between Napoleon and Pedro thrown in just for good measure. Sweet!

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