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Travis Conklin is an artist who explores a variety of mediums. As co-owner of F4D Studio, he photographs, films and creates beautiful imagery through his lens. But with Conkwear, his clothing company, Conklin has found a new way to share his art. What started as a way to get his design work out there has grown into a full-on company that showcases his talents in photography and graphic design by creating a mobile gallery of clients wearing his work. We recently spoke with Conklin about why he started the company, why he keeps it going, and what sorts of events he is involved with in Denver.

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Travis Conklin
Westword: How did Conkwear get started?

Travis Conklin: Conkwear started in September of 2007. That was when American Apparel got famous with their branding, and I was just wearing a lot of those T-shirts. I was the blank T-shirt guy. I was living in Los Angeles, and I'd go into clothing stores -- the Affliction and Ed Hardy styles were popular, and other graphic styles that I wasn't really about -- so I just wanted to have my own designs. I had this photo of a zebra in a suit, and I made a graphic of it and showed it to my friends at this party I had at my house. I asked them if they would wear it, and they liked it. I printed about 100 of them and gave them away to people. I gave them to friends around L.A. and some in Colorado, and people were stoked about it. I started the website one month later.

T-shirt companies don't seem to be the most lucrative business model. Are you at the point now where the company is self-sustaining?

I don't actually make any money on Conkwear. I don't do it for the money. I do it for two reasons: It's cool to see people wearing my art, and that's an easy way to get my photography out there. It's based on graphic design, but every single one is my photo. The other reason is to raise money for charity. I also just had a meeting with Quarterly Karma, and I'm going to be sponsoring a bunch of events through them. I just did "Fire in the Sky" and I sold a bunch of shirts there. It was funny seeing my T-shirts in a fashion show on the runway, but it worked out. People loved it. I sold a lot.

How many shirts would you say you've turned out since starting the company?

Over the course of its existence? That's tough. Easily over 1,000. I'd say somewhere between 2,500 and up, but that's just a guess. I am real thankful for MegaFauna here in Denver for really revitalizing Conkwear. I was dating a girl and she took me to MegaFauna for an art opening, and she talked to the owner and he was all about it. At the time, I was just selling online, and MegaFauna was all about getting it into the shop. When they were on 27th and Larimer, I was selling a lot of them. I'd go into the store and see people buying them. One time I showed up with a box of stuff, and I wasn't even done going through the gear and I sold two shirts before I took everything out.

That's pretty cool. I think it's cool to keep it simple. I put "Conk" on there once, and people didn't really like it. The graphic just does it.

It's branding itself without really branding at all?

Totally. It's anthropomorphic animals and stuff.

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