Artist-run DATELINE gallery launches tonight in RiNo

Miniature installations by Katrin Davis.
When artists Adam Milner and Jeromie Dorrance decided to open an exhibit space in what's essentially their living room, they did so in a spirit that's both DIY and not DIY, by putting together a well-crafted show that covers a national gamut of contemporary work by five colleagues in the art world. DATELINE 001 sets the space's adventurous mood right from the start, with works by Katrin Davis, Ann Hamilton, Jeanne Liotta, Nate Hess and Gato Karatoyote -- a fascinating collection of artists working in interesting mediums in Colorado, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio. We caught up with Milner and Dorrance to learn more about their venture and what makes it a new and different model for Denver.

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Westword: How and why, DATELINE? How is it different from other galleries in town?

Adam Milner: We want to show energetic and experimental work from people we admire. We had been thinking about starting exhibition spaces for a while and last year decided to put something together. It's a simple space to showcase ideas of artists at various levels in their careers.

Jeromie Dorrance: I wanted to have a gallery that brought local, national and international artists together under one entity. Adam and myself live in the back in a dormitory-style living space, and the gallery is in the front.

What are the advantages of an artist-run gallery?

A.M.: I think the art community and infrastructure in Denver is really blossoming and I can't see a problem with more opportunities to view and exhibit projects. Because it's a small operation, hopefully we will get to take risks that other institutions might not be able to. We also are fortunate to have a wide network of amazing artists and are always finding new work that interests us.

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3004 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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