Emily Przekwas's Western Civilization photo exhibit at Corporate Deli

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You can find art all over town -- not just on gallery walls. In this series, we'll be looking at some of the local artists who serve up their work in coffeehouses and other non-gallery businesses around town.

Last year, when Emily Przekwas's grandfather bought her "a really nice camera" -- a Nikon e7000, to be specific -- the artist didn't know much about photography. But because her grandpa had recognized an innate interest and talent, Przekwas decided she'd teach herself how to use the camera. And the results are pretty incredible.

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Przekwas's background is in physics, which may explain why she has such a great eye for light. "A lot of physics is about light and the characteristics of light," Przekwas explains. While studying at the Colorado School of Mines, she even spent a summer working in an optics lab.

"I've always been an artistic person," says Przekwas. When she was growing up, her mom frequently initiated elaborate art projects. And photography, Przekwas is quickly discovering, is a fantastic way to bridge the more technical aspects she was trained in and the fun, creative side of her personality.


Originally from Colorado, Przekwas "grew up all over," she says. "After college, I did some political and activist work during the 2008 campaign and traveled around the country during that election cycle." That trip ended in Connecticut, where Przekwas spent a few more years doing grassroots activism. After that, she lived in New Orleans for a time before heading to France for a summer.

Now Przekwas is back in Colorado, and she's "finally settled down in CapHill," she says. "I love the energy and culture here. Denver is still being shaped and developed, and I really like being a part of that and having the ability to make stuff happen!"

When Przekwas isn't taking pictures, she's doing economic development and making things happen for a local nonprofit. That's how her first exhibition came about, actually: Przekwas's work is on display at Corporate Deli now through May.

Przekwas was familiar with the venue because she works in the same building and eats at the restaurant frequently. "They have the best breakfast sandwiches," she says. One day, Przekwas struck up a conversation with the owner of Corporate Deli, who "is really supportive of artists," she says, and he gave her some wall space for her first exhibition.

Keep reading for more from Emily Przekwas's Western Civilization.

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Corporate Deli

518 17th St., Denver, CO

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