Photos: Celebrating 25 Years of Printmaking at Open Press

Open Press
Mark A Lunning, Zinc plate etching with colle, "Urban Garden 3 plate"
Michael Paglia visits Open Press in this week's review, taking in an exhibit made up of 125 pieces by 50 different artists. Much of the focus is on Mark Lunning, printmaster and owner of Open Press, celebrating his work from the last 25 years. Continue reading for photos from the exhibits.

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Open Press
Randy Hughes, Woodcut, Untitled

Open Press
Beatriz Pestana, Copper plate drypoint, "Turkiye"

Open Press
Doris Laughton, Photo Polymer plate etching, "Snow Splat Cluster (blue)"

Open Press
Dave Yust, Monotype, "Chromaxiologic Inclusion IV"

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Open Press Ltd.

40 W. Bayaud Ave., Denver, CO

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