Scary! Second annual Stanley Film Festival coming to Estes Park in April

The most notorious haunted hotel in the world, the Stanley Hotel, inspiration for The Shining, will host the second annual Stanley Film Festival, April 24-27. Organized by the Denver Film Society, the festival fits right into the historic hotel, with a theme -- presented by NBC Universal's Chiller TV -- that celebrates the best in independent horror cinema.

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The Denver Film Society is partnering with the hotel to produce the four-day festival, which includes films, panels, competitions, audience awards and other special events. Although the line up won't be announced until March 24, the lineup of prominent directors, writers, producers and actors was impressive.

"Last year's event showcased 24 features, 22 short films and two panel discussions," says festival spokeswoman JoAnna Cintron, "as well as live shows and secret in-room channel content. We expect a comparable selection for our second year."

Tickets are on sale now and available on Tickets range from $40 for a day pass to $295 for a three-day stay at the hotel and all four days at the festival. "Whether you are interested in a day pass, individual tickets or a weekend of VIP access and accommodations, there is an option for you," Cintron says. "We promise you a screaming good time, but we can't promise you'll survive the night. "

The Stanley Hotel is consistently ranked as the top haunted hotel in the world, according to Amerikanki. It opened in 1909 and two years after that, guests started reporting that they saw ghosts throughout the hotel.

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The Stanley Hotel

333 Wonderview, Estes Park, CO

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Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds

Ask about the mysterious door what closes by itself. They say it's the ghostie of a hippie who died in the 1970s. I saw that door shut with my own eyes.

Jillian Rhodes
Jillian Rhodes

Kristin Mercer this should definitely be on your to-dos, if it isn't already

Mary Beth Laire Callaghan
Mary Beth Laire Callaghan

This is where King wanted the movie to be set. The TV miniseries that was made later was set here. It was his original inspiration.

Tyler Longpine
Tyler Longpine

Again, the setting of the Shining was the Overlook Hotel, modeled off of the Timberline Hotel on the steeps on Mt. Hood. The Stanley provided inspiration to King but is not the setting.

Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis

Even scarier, it's where dumb and dumber was filmed

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