Paul Moschell's fantastical art-hats will blow the lid off of 303's Denver Fashion Weekend

Paul Moschell (in headgear) and Tootie Lynn strike a pose.
With hair genius and photo-shoot stylist Charlie Price behind the scenes at the upcoming 303 Magazine's Denver Fashion Weekend, there's little doubt that the three-night event at City Hall, featuring national and local fashion shows as well as a hair show, will look good all weekend long.

But the addition of assemblage-artist Paul Moschell's boundary-breaking, whimsical hat collection -- fantastical, wearable found-object creations to be displayed in a pop-up shop in the club's cocktail lounge before and during runway shows on April 5 and 6 -- will have people talking.

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A new venture for Moschell, the hats can actually be worn -- but also work as sculptural artworks. "This is my first spin at hats," he says. "I have always worked as a painter and an assemblage sculptor, but Charlie Price had approached me months ago about a collaboration for his magazine Beauty Underground, and I decided to cross over into the world of fashion. Even though the hats are functional, my goal was to create pieces that could stand on their own and be displayed as 3D works."

Prices for Moschell's headpieces range from $500 to $1,200; after Denver Fashion Weekend, Moschell and Price will be shooting a magazine spread of the hats with photographer Kevin Alexander. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek preview from the collection.

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