Scrounge goes big with assemblage, found objects and repurposed materials in art
Mario Rivoli, "Ducks in a Row."
Colorado is home to a whole community of assemblage artists, some working with nuts and bolts straight out of the dumpster and others using more rarefied detritus they've collected over years. But it doesn't really matter what goes into putting this kind of art together -- the final transformation is what's most important. Scrounge, a massive, three-part showcase of diverse assemblage art by 26 regional artists, will celebrate the genre when it opens Friday, April 11 at Republic Plaza.

Following is a sneak peek of the exhibit, which includes a large group show; a site-specific installation, "The Earthling Adventure," with work by Jimmy "Rocketman" Descant, Tim Flynn and Mark Friday; and a pop-up installation, "The History of Ornament...{now hurray up and wait}," by collaborators Theresa Anderson and Rebecca Vaughan.

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The official Scrounge art sign, with letters by eight artists: Deborah Jang, Claudia Roulier, Rebecca Vaughan, Owen Gordon, Terri Paul, Peggy Lore, Gary Paul and Erin Asmussen.

jJimmy Descant, "A Drop of Soul."

Joseph Coniff, "Ball Rack."

Bee collaboration by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy.

Mark Friday, detail from "Earthling Adventure."

Continue reading for the rest of the Scrounge sneak peek.

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Republic Plaza Building

370 17th St., Denver, CO

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