Garland Park: Garland Park is my park, and why I'll reluctantly share it with you

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Our current cover story, Alan Prendergast's "Party in the Park," looks at how Denver's park rangers are gearing up for a busy summer season. In response, Westword writers are weighing in with appraisals of their own favorite Denver parks, continuing with Susan Froyd's tribute to Garland Park.

I'm a bit reluctant to sing the praises of Garland Park publicly, because I unfairly think of it as my park, and though that's not entirely true, there are moments when I seem to have it all to myself and my dogs.

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Growing up in the Virginia Village area, I saw Garland as a personal landmark. In those days, Lollipop Lake, its finest feature, was known for the fishing in summer and skating in winter; miniature boats sailed it then and still do today. Originally, the area was still semi-rural (yes, children, Holly was a dirt road, and there was no bridge across Cherry Creek), and the land belonged to a dairy before the city annexed it for a park.

Lollipop Lake has since been drained, lined with bentonite and had a storage well and pump installed, making it something less than natural, but it's still a haven for ducks and geese (perhaps a few too many of the latter), as well as egrets, cormorants and the occasional pelican or heron -- blue and night herons both. Red-winged blackbirds call from the reeds at the lake's eastern end, and swallows and gulls swoop over the water; at the blue time of dusk, you can also spot pinging bats fluttering in the trees.

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Garland Park

Holly St. and Cherry Creek Drive S., Denver, CO

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