Read between the lines: Deadline May 28 for second annual Westword Comics issue

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Noah Van Sciver
Read between the lines! Westword will publish its second annual Comics issue on June 5, and you can be a part of it. We're accepting submissions from any Colorado artist who wants to create a cartoon about life in the Centennial State -- whether it focuses on beer, fracking or just life at a mile high. Keep reading for the fine print.

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Cash prizes will be awarded for the best comics, which will be printed in the June 5 issue. The deadline for submissions is May 28 -- which is two weeks from today, so get cracking!

Here are the details:

-Comics should be black and white.

-If coloring with tones of gray, separate grays by 15 % -- i.e., 15-30-45-60-85 percent grays.

-Grayscale images: 300dpi

-Bitmapped B&W images: 600dpi

-Comics must conform to one of these sizes:
1/2 horizontal: 9"/5.416"
1/4 block: 4.4167" x 5.4167"
1/4 horizontal: 9"x2.6249"

-We'll pay $100 for each half-page comic accepted for print, $50 for each quarter-page comic accepted for print. (We may publish other cartoons online with the artists' permission.)

Submit your entry along with your actual name, the name you want to use for print, and your website (if applicable) to:

Jay Vollmar, art director, at (You can e-mail him if you have questions, too.)

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Kenny Be ... or continue to FAIL!

Jim Buniger
Jim Buniger

That's awesome! Gonna have to come up with some work.

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