Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Tobias Fike

Tobias Fike, "Cloud Bike," single-channel video, 2013.
#82: Tobias Fike

Nebraska native Tobias Fike, now working in Colorado after earning his MFA at the University of Colorado Boulder, isn't tied down by a particular medium or discipline -- or even a particular place. Instead, he manipulates concepts, makes sculpture and video, launches performances, collaborates and, with the Flinching Eye Collective, creates soundscapes, here and abroad. But all of his work revolves around a personal and human core; like a boy with a box of conceptual LEGOs, he expresses the essential using the tools at hand. Fike's 100CC questionnaire follows.

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Tobias Fike, "I Can't Touch The Moon But I Can Feel Its Effect," performance, 2011.

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?
Albert Einstein. His contributions to science in respect to space and time fit in well with many themes that show up in my work. While it would be great to create a whole body of work with him, I would be happy just doing a performance where we stared at each other for 24 hours and each watched the other one age.
Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?
Not so much a "who," but rather a group. I'm interested in comedians right now. I think what they do is very similar to what I'm trying to do with my art. There is, of course, the performance aspect that I use at times, and they typically offer a combination of tragedy and humor, with a focus on everyday events. Think of Louis C.K.

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