Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Ivar Zeile

#74: Ivar Zeile

Ivar Zeile collects artists with a keen eye for talent and trends as director of RiNo's Plus Gallery, but he also makes some free-swinging hunches as he tries to get a sense for what's next in the contemporary art scene. In recent years, Zeile's search for the new has led him into the unmined realm of digital and motion-based work and the formation of the Denver Digerati project, which works with the Denver Theatre District to bring video art to downtown LED screens.

How goes the hunt for everything new and innovative in art? Find out by reading Zeile's answers to the 100CC questionnaire.

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Jonathan Monaghan, "Juggernaut," Denver Theatre District commission.
Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Ivar Zeile: I think I'd first want to vet anybody on a personal level that I might collaborate with, I've found over time that it's useful to get to know people better before diving into anything too closely. But I originally became much more involved and appreciative of the philosophies within art and the system of art after reading Gerhard Richter's writings twenty years ago and have highly admired his artwork and continuing practice ever since. And after watching the exquisite film Gerhard Richter Painting, I think I'd be quite confident that it would be a collaboration I'd embrace wholeheartedly, though there are so many others that would be compelling, as well.

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Jonathan Monaghan is of strong interest to me in contemporary visual art. He's a young artist whose work advances an aesthetic that I feel perfectly bridges the gap that digital animation needs to leap in order to be given it's proper respect in today's higher level contemporary sphere. I've worked with him selectively both via Plus Gallery and Denver Digerati, and in my opinion, there is nobody more exciting, approachable and really terrific as a human being. I'm pretty sure one day I'll look back and feel incredibly honored that I had the opportunity to be in on the early stage of his career. Jonathan will be giving a 3-D modeling and printing workshop this summer at Anderson Ranch near Aspen; I couldn't recommend anything more highly for a summer-art adventure.

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