Photos: Suzanne Heintz leaves Chauncey the mannequin at the altar

More than a decade ago, Starz art director Suzanne Heintz decided there was a way to have a family and her freedom, too: She acquired a set of mannequins, including make-believe husband Chauncey and daughter Mary Margaret, and began photographing herself in vignettes with them for a project she calls Life Once Removed. This past Monday, she staged the greatest scenario ever in the project's history: A formal renewal of wedding vows at the elegant Grant Humphreys Mansion, with a mixture of human and plastic guests.

The joke's on Chauncey, though: Heintz took advantage of her place at the wedding podium to discuss her thoughts on commitment and her chosen life of spinsterhood, and left the poor mock man stiffly standing at the altar. Photographer Danielle Lirette was front and center to capture these images from the performance/celebration.

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Continue reading for more photos from Suzanne Heintz's mannequin marriage.

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Dane Colfax Stephenson
Dane Colfax Stephenson

Reminds me of that Two and a Half Men episode where Rose pretended to marry Manny Quin and set up an actual wedding at a church.

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