Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Sarah Rockett

Christy Wolfe
#71: Sarah Rockett

A draftsman first, artist Sarah Rockett re-imagines the basics of line and movement and all the tricks of drawing in three dimensions, making installations built from everyday materials and soft sculpture. Inspired by the horror movie genre, she takes those shapes into dark yet appealing places. Last year, Rockett also took over the responsibility of directing Ice Cube Gallery from departing post-holder Theresa Anderson, adding a curatorial element to her already busy artist's life. Read on to learn Rockett's thoughts on that life in her 100CC questionnaire.

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Christy Wolfe

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Tim Burton. He is simply a magnificent artist, filmmaker and storyteller. Burton strives to make oddities and awkwardness something to be appreciated as part of human experience. That is something that has always resonated with me. Many people undergo a profound awkward stage in life -- some never escape it. Burton turns strangeness into heroes and unexpected victors. In allowing our imaginations to wander beyond popular social norms, we might get a bit closer to the truth of our own identities.

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Filmmakers of the contemporary horror genre. Part of my research over the last couple of years has included watching over 100 horror films -- in order to better understand how fear impacts and operates within our culture. If given the chance, I would ask these filmmakers if the industry is instigating or simply responding to a continuously growing culture of fear. Neither response bodes well for our society, but it would be a riveting discussion.

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