Sweet Georgia Sugar makes all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products

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After suffering from eczema for most of her life, Sarah Jacobson was tired of getting little or no relief from over-the-counter and prescription options. Taking matters into her own hands, she combined a little research with her own self-taught organic cooking skills and started creating all-natural lotions in her kitchen. The result was astounding -- her skin became clear, so much so that coworkers wanted to know what she was doing differently. That's how Jacobson's all-natural skincare line Sweet Georgia Sugar was born, and less than a year after it began, Jacobson is seeing big business for her small operation.

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Adam Rojo
Sarah Jacobson owns, operates and creates all of Sweet Georgia Sugar's products.
"I've had eczema and acne and all kinds of skin problems my whole life and when I started to make my own stuff and using it regularly, all of that went away," says Jacobson. When the women at her office began bringing in empty containers and asking the home-chemist to make them lotions, eye creams and cleansers, she realized it was a project worth sharing.

She's since quit a two-decade-long career in the hospitality business to focus on Sweet Georgia Sugar, and the success has been phenomenal: Jacobson reports that she just finished an order of All-Natural Whipped Body Butter for thirty Colorado Vitamin Cottage stores. Making batches of the cruelty-free product by hand in her own kitchen, Jacobson learned a lot along the way, she says.

She's now looking for ways to produce Sweet Georgia Sugar's eye creams, body scrubs, lotions, cleansers, oils and body butters in bigger batches, but is firm on keeping her commitment to a chemical-free, made-with-love product line.

"Finding things that are chemical-free is definitely more of a movement now than it used to be -- so it's getting easier now," says Jacobson of the current beauty-industry climate. "It used to be really hard to find any beauty products that fell into that natural realm that still smelled good or gave you the effect that you wanted."

The idea that all-natural skincare didn't have to smell like patchouli was another big motivator for her to find the right ingredients while keeping the price reasonable, she adds: "From the production side, it is a little bit more expensive to make products this way; but it's not that much more expensive."

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Kitty Vincent
Kitty Vincent

It's so great to see articles about pioneering local entrepreneurs.  I've been using the Sweet Georgia Sugar skincare line for several months now, and It's the best thing I've found in a very long time.  I have extremely sensitive skin, prone to break-outs, and Sarah's products have kept my skin clear and soft.  I highly recommend them. 

Ted Campbell
Ted Campbell

Your story is truly inspiring, Sarah - congratulations on your much deserved success!

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