Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Andy Juett

Chris Baker
Andy Juett at Cartoons and Comedy.
#69: Andy Juett
Andy Juett came to the local comedy scene via radio, and has blossomed into a booster, standup comic, producer, stage host, behind-the-scenes guy and co-owner of the High Plains Comedy Festival, which kicks off its second year in August. But he also rolls out comedy shows all year 'round at the Oriental Theater and other local venues as a partner in Kayvan Khalatbari's Sexpot Comedy. What keeps Andy Juett moving and shaking and scaring up laughs? Check out his 100CC questionnaire for answers.

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Ryan Brackin
Andy Juett and Andrew Orvedahl.

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

This is going to sound like I'm mocking this questionnaire, but it's the most honest answer I can give. I would most like to collaborate with Magic Johnson. Nobody turned basketball into art like Magic. Hustle and creativity. Nobody was more inspiring than Magic for me as a young boy from Michigan. Can you imagine two dudes in sports giving each other a kiss at center court like he and Isaiah Thomas did, and then go to battle like they did? No. No you can't.

Otherwise, I think it'd have to be Christopher Guest. I really would love to create a new breed of  improvised comedies with him. The Nix Brothers and Matty O'Connor are a couple of directors I and other comics in this town have worked with for videos and, to me, the most fun way to make anything video-wise in comedy is to have a structure, block a scene, improvise a lot and then cut up the gold. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge advocate for the written word, but freewheeling can be where that amazing "writing" comes from. There's nothing funnier than discovering why something is funny on camera and having the audience almost feel what the actors or comics feel as they discover it during recording.

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