Poets explore love, Denver style, at the Denver County Fair

The Denver County Fair, now in its fourth year, was conceived as a big, fat blue-ribbon love letter to everything that's cool about Denver, from local artists and a healthy geek culture to, yes, legalized pot. So it's only fair that this year's poetry contest has an I Heart Denver theme.

This year's entries -- all unpublished and judged by a panel of literary pros -- explored love in the Mile High City from just about every angle. Following are the judges' five final picks; hear all of them read live at noon Sunday, August 3, on the fair's Arts Pavilion Stage, where the top three poets will also be awarded with prizes and ribbons.

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Dark Sandi . . . (Sandi Calistro)

Dark haired Sandi buries ink under skin,
pulsating steel dripping ink and ideas drives easy under a thin human layer
dripping blood big eyes and batting lashes,
long dresses and draping sashes
our Dark Sandi buries ink under skin,
big eyes and flowing locks that flirt and dance and grind up and down Denver city blocks. 
Ladies ride arms and legs give away wide eyed glances
steal hearts on high lands streets
Denver boys want girls in ink on girls on girls on girls.......

-- Dale Sawin

Continued reading for more Denver County Fair poems.

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National Western Complex

I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

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