Photos: The Heads of Hydra couple up for an intimate exhibition at Carmen Wiedenhoeft
Katie Taft and Anthony Camera
Lovers are already collaborators in life, but what happens when they collaborate as artists? Some would say that a deeper understanding comes into play under the circumstance, that couples creativity is different, perhaps more intimate, and rooted in unspoken simpatico. That's what Lovers Collaborations, a group project of the Heads of Hydra photography collective that opens Friday, August 1, at Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery, is all about.

"Anti-Curator" Richard Alden Peterson gave free rein to seventeen artist couples -- pairs that loosely range from married duos to good friends -- to create something together; even gallerist Carmen Wiedenhoeft doesn't know what the final product will look like. But as a preliminary tease, Peterson asked each couple to submit photographs of themselves with one requirement -- that their eyes be closed in the images. Keep reading to see the results.

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Anna Lea León
Kristen Sink and Mark Sink

Andrea Carin Oliphant and Charlie Oliphant

Cecilia Gimenez-Zapiola and Pablo Gimenez Zapiola

Rupert Jenkins and Christina Kreps

Mickey Boyd and Cornelia Peterson

Continue reading for more Lovers Collaborations photos.

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Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery

3542 Walnut St., Denver, CO

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