Join the Processus "artist social club" at the Temple in Curtis Park tonight

Christopher R. Perez
Recently there have been signs of life in the old Temple Emmanuel building at 24th and Curtis streets, a Frank Edbrooke structure that's stood vacant and boarded-up for years after serving as home to three consecutive Jewish congregations. And while the Temple, as it's now called, is already being occupied by artists in newly created studio spaces, as well as such organizations as the Denver Zine Library and Dylan Scholinski's Sent(a)Mental Studios, it's also still a work-in-progress, bringing vitality to the Curtis Park neighborhood.

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As it stands, it's also the perfect metaphor as a morphing project for Processus, a 2,000-square-foot workspace-in-the-making pitched by Denver artist couple Viviane Le Courtois and Chris Perez. The duo envisions Processus as a place where artistic process is constantly in motion, with specific work areas available to working artist/members who pay a monthly fee (plans start at $100 per month, per person). "It will be a shared studio for artists to come and work, use a darkroom and wood shop -- nothing too technical," Le Courtois explains. "We're focusing on handmade things, and we teach people how to use the equipment if they don't know how." They've already signed up enough people to allow them to sign a lease, but are looking for more, and hope to have the space ready to go by September 1.

The concept is a dream come true for Le Courtois and Perez, whose separate practices can't fit into a smaller space. "Chris and I are always struggling with trying to find a place to make our own work, because we both work in so many different mediums," Le Courtois says. "I work in just about every medium possible. We thought we could offer the same to other people. We will have three sections: a shop for dusty, messy stuff; the darkroom for photo and printmaking processes; and a clean room for work on paper, digital negatives and printmaking.

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The Temple

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