Ten can't-miss attractions at this year's Denver County Fair

Rolling into Denver's National Western Complex August 1 through August 3, the Denver County Fair will prove once again that it is like no other fair in the country. Celebrating the many cultures and traditions that make Colorado special, the weekend gathering combines silly games with smart lectures, fun dances with freaky food competitions and endless chances to get to know the farmers, merchants, musicians, fashionistas, performers and artists who make the Mile High City great. With hundreds of things to see and do at this year's fair, we've compiled a list of ten of the best -- but be sure to go to the Denver County Fair's website for a full schedule.

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Courtesy of Andrew Novick.
10) Andrew Novick's X-Treme Pancake Breakfast - Gazebo, Saturday, 10 a.m. ($7; kids free with paying adult)
He's back! Denver's favorite ambassador of fun will host his annual pancake breakfast at this year's fair, offering up fluffy cakes and a cornucopia of delicious toppings including candy corn and flavored butter, along with a multitude of syrups. Gluten-free and vegan options will be available. If pancakes aren't your thing, the following day Novick will host another wacky morning meal with DIY breakfast burritos and an array of chilis and hot sauces.

9) Holistic Pavilion
More than just a place to chow down on a good hot dog and enjoy a few animal races, the Denver County Fair is also a pop-up market for goods and services related to the healing arts. Get a chair massage or tarot reading or pick-up some homemade, all-natural soaps and health-related remedies at this one-stop holistic shop.

8) Locarama Diorama Competition: Design your own food scene
What does your ideal local-food environment look like? Design your own farm-to-table diorama at home and take it to the fair, or just design one on-site and enter your masterpiece to win gift certificates and edible items from Ela Farms applesauce, Missy J's truffle treats, Chipotle and more.

Courtesy of denvercountyfair.org.
7) Robot Opera - Art/Geek Stage, Saturday, 6 p.m.
Just one of many stage shows spread throughout the weekend at the Denver County Fair, this year's Robot Opera, Robopera en el Spacio, is sure to captivate all ages. This multi-media performance will feature more than seventy puppets and humans in elaborate costumes acting together in this goofy and unique performance.

Keep reading for six more can't miss things at the Denver County Fair.

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Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas

Chest tattoos will be the bell bottoms of our decade.

Gina Ricciardi
Gina Ricciardi

Gita...A robot opera sounds like it's right up your alley lol


You missed the Zombie Beauty Pageant - the best annual event at the Fair.


At the Denver County Fair's website; under Fair Info, there's a link to the Fair Store. If you don't want to deal with shipping, there's a souvenir stand near the fair entrance.

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