Friends Carry the Late Robin Rule's Gallery Forward With Joseph Coniff Show

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Rule Gallery
Joseph Coniff's Delineation (in pink pyramid), Delineation (in studio taupe) and Delineation (in nothing).
Joseph Coniff (in parentheses) is only the second presentation to open at the Rule Gallery since the untimely death of Robin Rule late last year.

It was important to Rule that the gallery continue, so three longtime associates -- Valerie Santerli, Rachel Beitz and Hilary Morris -- are carrying on her vision. Rule might roll her eyes at the tumble-down character of the entry to the gallery, but she'd surely approve of the exhibition space where the Coniff show is installed.

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Rule Gallery
"Delineation (in pink pyramid)," by Joseph Coniff, acrylic and vellum on panel.
The work is from Coniff's recent "Delineation" series, made up of sublimely elegant post-minimal paintings.

Coniff creates hard-edged works in which he stacks three horizontal bars. The bottom is broad and painted; the one in the center is covered in vellum adorned with a delicate graph pattern; and the one on top is a thinner bar of color. Despite the unnatural shades, it's clear that the works refer to landscapes.

Also included is an irreverent sculpture made from an upended lamppost stuck in a bucket of concrete, done last year. It provides the perfect counterpoint to the cerebral paintings and works on paper.

Through September 6 at Rule Gallery, 3254 Walnut Street, 303-800-6776,

Rule Gallery
"Post Lantern," by Joseph Coniff, aluminum tubing, lantern, concrete, form, electrical wire.

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Rule Gallery at Hinterland

3254 Walnut St., Denver, CO

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