Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Josh Hartwell

Josh Hartwell in BETC's Shipwrecked.
#61: Josh Hartwell

The talented Josh Hartwell works with some of the region's best and most creative independent theater companies -- Curious Theatre, Boulder Ensemble Theatre and Buntport Theater, to name a few -- as both actor and director, but he's also an accomplished and award-winning playwright with a new play, Dylan Went Electric, about to premiere in September at Miners Alley Playhouse.

In addition to showcasing live local musicians in the show in keeping with the playwright's own devotion to the music world, Dylan will continue its contemporary groove by including an onstage bar that audience members can frequent during the intermission. How does such a busy man keep all his theatrical chickens in a row? Learn more from his answers to the 100CC questionnaire.

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Josh Hartwell in Buntport's Kafka On Ice.

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

I would love to collaborate with David Bowie on a musical. I am a huge fan, but also endlessly impressed by him. I read that he was originally wanting to make his album Diamond Dogs into a stage musical, but was unable to acquire the rights to 1984 from Orwell's estate. Just being in a creative collaborative room with him would be amazing.

Who in the world is interesting to you right now, and why?

Well, David Bowie again. But I also have a general attraction to the old brilliant rock and roll heroes. A lot of my plays are inspired directly or indirectly by rock musicians. Aside from that, I would go with William S. Burroughs, Stephen King and Edward Hopper. The worlds that they created were so evocative and inspiring.

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Miners Alley Playhouse

1224 Washington Ave., Golden, CO

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