Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Selah Saterstrom

Michael Ensminger, for square product theater.
#63: Selah Saterstrom

Much-published author Selah Saterstrom grew up in the Deep South, which she writes about in such works of indie fiction as The Meat and Spirit Plan and The Pink Institution (both published by Coffee House Press). When she's not writing, she's busy teaching at and running the University of Denver's Ph.D. program in creative writing. The bones of Saterstrom's soon-to-be-published Katrina-inspired novel, SLAB, are creaking to life this month in a multimedia stage version presented by square product theatre. A born wordsmith, Saterstrom even manages to tell stories in her answers to the 100CC questionnaire. Read on.

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Westword: If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would it be, and why?

Selah Saterstrom: A marvelous, impossible question. The person who keeps returning to my mind is Aunt Caroline Dye. In the South, where I was born, she was a famous healer, herbalist and conjure-worker. Details of her birth/death vary, but she probably died in the 1930s (by some accounts, at the age of 110). There are several old blues songs about her. She was known for her cures, especially for the jinxed, depressed and insane (her rattlesnake dust cure was legendary).

I would have liked to have been her apprentice. I would have liked to have made huge, plant-based installations with her. Sometimes in the shape of gigantic women. I see these installations in locations abandoned by the history books.

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