The ten best geek events in Denver in August

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Brandon Marshall
Zombies at the Denver County Fair.
If you're ready to get out of this unseasonal rain and have some good, clean (and dry) geek fun indoors, August will make you a very happy nerd. Two cons, one weird county fair and more movies than you can shake are just some of the highlights of a month packed full of great geek fun. Here are August's ten best geek events.

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10) Internet Cat Video Festival
Geeks love cats. Geeks love the Internet. This explains why there are so many Internet cat videos out there. What's harder to explain is why someone decided to take those videos and show them offline, but regardless of why it happened, let's all just admit we're glad it did. Join your fellow lovers of clever kitties for more than an hour of the web's finest felines, including a short program of local cat videos. Just don't be surprised if it makes you want to adopt a kitten.

The program screens Friday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 2 at 2 and 9:30 p.m. at the Sie FilmCenter. Tickets are $10, or $7 for DFS members. For more info, visit the DFS Internet Cat Video Festival page.

Curiosity stops to take a selfie.
9) Mars Science Laboratory Two Year Recap
Curious about what Curiosity has accomplished over the past two years? Where better to get those answers, and maybe get your future astronauts excited about space, than at the Mars Science Laboratory Two Year Recap. Your guide to the stellar successes of the Curiosity Rover is Adam Pender, a Lockheed Martin engineer and Jet Propulsion Laboratory Solar System Ambassador who helped land the rover on the Martian surface, meaning you can't get closer to the source unless the thing itself could talk.

The presentation starts at 7 p.m. Thursday, August 7 at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center. Admission is free, but you must preregister for the event.

8) Cruel Summer: 28 Days Later
Cruel Summer's zombie madness wraps up with Danny Boyle's zombie apocalypse reimagining 28 Days Later (yes, it's a zombie movie, don't be pedantic). A man wakes up from a coma to find London deserted, except for a few survivors and a lot of pissed off, turbocharged zombies, making for one of the most unusual and artful zombie movies of all time. As usual, Cruel Summer impresario Theresa Mercado will have some movie themed souvenirs on hand, so get there early to get your hands on some and grab a good seat.

See 28 Days Later at 9 p.m. Tuesday, August 5 at Crash 45. Admission is free, but drinks aren't, so plan accordingly. For more information, visit the Cruel Summer Facebook page.

Continue for seven more great geek events in August.

Location Info


Sie FilmCenter

2510 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Film

Lookout Mountain Nature Center

910 Colorow, Golden, CO

Category: General

Crash 45 - CLOSED

321 E. 45th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Music

Radisson Hotel Southeast

3200 S. Parker Road, Aurora, CO

Category: General

Mutiny Information Cafe

2 S. Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: General

Northglenn Ramada Plaza and Convention Center

I-25 and 120th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: General

UA Denver Pavilions 15

501 16th St., Denver, CO

Category: Film

Alamo Drafthouse

7301 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO

Category: Film

National Western Complex

I-70 and Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO

Category: General

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