Five Lessons Learned from Binge-Watching 31 Zombie Movies

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Phantasm II, one of the few highlights of my torturous adventure in zombie filmdom.
By the time you read this, I will be 29 movies deep into my seventh annual zombie movie marathon month. This year, in defiance of both common sense and my own advice, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and clear out my backlog of unwatched zombie movies, so my marathon has consisted of only films I'd never seen before -- meaning no old favorites, no "safe" films that I knew I'd enjoy. And, since I've already seen more than two hundred zombie movies, the lineup has been a combination of newer releases and stuff I dug out of the bottom of the barrel -- sometimes both at once. Now, as I approach the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm here to share what this experience has taught me.

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Cinema Contra Presents a Devilish Lineup of Halloween Short Films Tonight

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Equinox, 1970
Equinox will screen tonight at Glob.
If you want to summon some ghosts, sip on witches' brew and watch a satanic smorgasbord of documentary, experimental and narrative shorts, head to Glob for Cinema Contra tonight . Film programmer Anthony Buchanan promises that the ghost of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey will host this unique mix of 16mm and digital prints.

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Review: Dmitri Obergfell Collapses the Old Into the New at Gildar Gallery

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Gildar Gallery
Dmitri Obergfell, "Apotheosis," mixed materials.
Yinfinity: New Works by Dmitri Obergfell
Gildar Gallery
82 South Broadway

The Gildar Gallery is a modest, nearly anonymous South Broadway storefront with minimal exhibition space, but to his credit, director Adam Gildar continues to present a schedule of thoughtful shows, even if some of them aren't entirely successful. That's hardly what I'd say about the current offering, though, because it works in spades. Yinfinity: New Works by Dmitri Obergfell positively vibrates with aesthetic and conceptual energy -- just like Obergfell himself.

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Mary DeForest's Epic Adventure Led to the Latinometer -- a Classic Bullshit Detector

Mary DeForest loves Jane Austen. The 68-year-old academic has read each of the author's novels over 100 times. "I went to her tomb at Winchester Cathedral and burst into tears," she says. "I couldn't believe she was dead."

DeForest has spent much of her academic career defending Austen's legacy. "Austen was unpopular in the '60s because all of her characters got married, and people weren't supposed to get married," she says. "It was my guilty pleasure loving Austen. All my best friends hated Austen. They said she was demeaning to women."

So DeForest set out to prove her friends wrong.

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Film Podcast: John Wick Restores Our Faith in Violent Movies

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick
On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, we welcome Village Voice contributor and filmmaker Zachary Wigon, who tells us about his paranoid thriller The Heart Machine (iTunes).

We also scoop out some time for John Wick, which helps restore our faith in violent movies, Horns, Nightcrawler (be sure to read our interview with Jake Gyllenhaal about the film), Citizenfour, Housebound, and Force Majeure.

As usual, your hosts are Amy Nicholson of LA Weekly, along with Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice.

Eight Great Local Shops For Last-Minute Halloween Costumes and Accessories

Scott Lentz for Westword.
Halloween is just around the corner, and while many a party-goer has spent months carefully crafting the perfect costume, the rest of us are still scrounging for ideas. But when that dream look finally hits, where do you go to get the best wigs, capes, feather boas and play knives before October 31? Here's a list of the best locally-owned spots around town to find everything you need for a spooky, sexy, gory or goofy get-up. (And don't forget to check out Westword's lists of the best adults-only parties and family-friendly gatherings happening throughout this Halloween week where you can wear said costume!)

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Playbill: Three Plays and Performances in Denver for October 30-November 2

Theresa Dwyer Reid and Jamie Morgan in Theatre Or's Kindertransport at the Mizel Center.
Catch up with a somber chapter in the history of Jewish culture at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center or follow an even darker path and get in the Halloween spirit at local stages this weekend. Keep reading for details.

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Review: Buried Child Still Packs a Creepy Wallop

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The cast of Buried Child
Buried Child
Edge Theatre Company

Sam Shepard's Buried Child which won a Pulitzer in 1979, still carries a creepy wallop. The story of a violently dysfunctional family -- a drunken, abusive father who has destroyed his sons and is now being destroyed in return -- it was hailed as a depiction of the dark side of the American Dream. But while some of the themes are universal, this family is unique.

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The Mayday Experiment: Of Trailers and Hardware

My friend Philip Spangler has been here almost three months and is staying one more week, sleeping on a futon in my living room and working on the house every day. By the end of the week the goal is to have a fully-clad, Tyvek-wrapped box with a loft and stairs - and I'll have to do the rest on my own without him, a scary proposition! This summer's rain -- something I told my Ohio born-and-bred friend was a rarity here in the high desert -- has impacted us again and again, making our progress forward halting and slow. However, bad decisions have held us back, too: most notably our choice of a trailer.

Stupidly, I figured I would just find a trailer on Craigslist or go to the trailer store -- that's a thing, right? Even though I had made cursory explorations through Craigslist's reams of purple links (and found many trailers that in hindsight I should have bought), I somehow had the idea in my head that this part was easy, and I'd just wait until Phil was here and grab a trailer. Big mistake.

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The Night Dial Live Radio Play Brings Classic Halloween Horror to the Bug Theatre

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Courtesy of Richard Karpala
Gone are the days when families would gather around the radio to listen to their favorite serials together. But starting tonight, The Night Dial will bring some of that old-time entertainment back to Denver with a Halloween-themed horror radio play at the Bug Theatre.

The Night Dial is the brainchild of Denver filmmaker Richard Karpala and comic Ryan Mattingly, each of whom wrote one of the two stories on the bill. Karpala's tale, "Them Walkin' Shoes," began as an idea for a short film before morphing into its current form.

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