Ryan Alexander Creative Launches Local Lounge To Highlight Denver Fashion

All photos by Chelsie Kappius

The inner circle of Denver's fashion scene turned out Thursday for Local Lounge, a networking event hosted by Ryan Alexander Creative that was intended to showcase some of Denver's fashion designers to the media and to each other.

"We started this event is to bring awareness to Denver's weird underground fashion scene that nobody knows about, but it is definitely here," says Ryan Alexander, the principal founder and creator of Ryan Alexander Creative.

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Grand Dame of Drag Charles Busch Discusses Thirty Years of Performing

Categories: Events

Michael Wakefield
Charles Busch, the "Grand Dame" of drag.
Playwright, actor and "grand dame" Charles Busch has been commanding the stage for more than thirty years. A last-minute campy show he wrote and performed in the East Village of New York City in 1984 catapulted him to fame, and since then Busch's plays have been performed on Broadway and turned into movies. Busch is best known as a female impersonator, though, and next week he'll perform Hit the Lights, his cabaret show, at the Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater in Colorado Springs, which is also showing his Psycho Beach Party movie. Busch will be speaking at the theater on Sunday, October 26; in advance of his visit to Colorado, Westword caught up with Busch to discuss dressing in drag, cult classics and his cabaret show.

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Screenplay Mentoring Program Will Review Aspiring Colorado Writers' Scripts for Free

Categories: Film and TV

Calling all aspiring screenwriters! The Colorado Screenplay Mentoring Program is now accepting submissions of screenplays from local writers looking for feedback on their works-in-progress. From now until December 15, the program will accept up to fifty screenplays on a first-come, first-served basis. Each screenplay will be reviewed by an expert, who will provide a written critique and a fifteen-minute question-and-answer session.

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Gallery Sketches: Four Shows in Denver for the Weekend of October 24-26

Scott Fraser, "No Strings Attached," Gallery 1261.

Colors may have faded in the mountains, but the local art scene is full of stunning visuals, including the otherworldly imagery of Paul Gillis at Rule, a group show exploring the cutting edge of realism at 1261, and fresh offerings from the local co-op Core and the artist-run Valkarie Gallery.

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Local Whiskerinas Will Add Hair-Raising Fun to Boulder Facial Hair Club Contest Tomorrow

The Whiskerinas
Chewbacca Beard.
With No Shave November just around the corner, celebrations of Colorado's best beards and mustaches are already under way. The Boulder Facial Hair Club will be hosting its second annual Beard and Moustache Contest in Longmont tomorrow, October 25, at Dickens Opera House; this year's competition will feature eight categories, including one devoted to women. While the idea of women participating in a facial hair competition might sound weird, it's actually a growing trend around the world.

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Hampton Yount on Conan, Depression and What to Expect at Sexpot Comedy Tonight

Categories: Comedy, Events

Comedy Central
Hampton Yount, a rising star on the national comedy circuit, will bring his hilarious laugh-attack to Sexpot Comedy at the Oriental Theater tonight, when Sexpot cofounder Andy Juett will be celebrating a birthday -- not to mention the imminent launch of sexpotcomedy.com and the upcoming one-year anniversary of the live series. "We've been really fortunate to have a lot of friends come through town and do the show," Juett says. "We book the types of comics that raise eyebrows due to the caliber of our national and local acts."

The continued support is reflected in Denver's burgeoning comedy scene.
It's been growing pretty rapidly for the last couple of years," he reports. "Month after month, the Sexpot show attracts new people who have never seen the show." And the audience isn't just larger, it's diverse: "This scene has been getting bigger than the core of mostly urban folks. We're seeing people from all walks of life who are interested in a good product. We're seeing a whole swath of different folks who just really enjoy comedy."

In advance of tonight's show, we caught up with Yount to ask what it was like to be on Conan, and what to expect from him here in Denver.

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Hipster and a Bro

Categories: Hipsters

Bro vs. Hipster

The first Bro Show - billed as "everything a man needs, all in one place" - filled the Denver Mart with classic cars, mixed-martial-arts contests, beer pong, guns, food, women in tight T-shirts, and beer, lots of beer, over this past weekend. But amid all this manly merchandise, one thing was definitely in short supply: hipsters.

Although hipsters appreciate irony, they could get a heaping helping of that just by donning a flannel shirt and stopping in at the nearest sports bar to suck down a PBR or two, completely incognito.

Here, for those who missed the Bro Show, is our handy guide to distinguishing bros from hipsters.

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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (4 Free!), October 24-26

Categories: 10 for $10


October happens to be the national month to celebrate sarcasm, pizza and being a vegetarian. So, if you've fallen behind in partaking in any of these activities, this is the weekend where you can participate in several events that will get you back on track. Add in comedy and pumpkin chucking, and the weekend before Halloween is shaping up as an exciting one. The Westword calendar has a complete listing of all happening around town, and if we forgot any, mention them in the comments below.

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Review: Chuck Parson Builds Momentum With a Huge Show at Z Art Department

Categories: Art review

A group of small Parson sculptures.

Chuck Parson: Still and Centered Point
Z Art Department
1136 Speer Boulevard

Chuck Parson, who helped pioneer the conceptual abstraction movement around here forty years ago, is the subject of a major outing at Z Art Department called Still and Centered Point. The exhibit includes more than sixty installations, sculptures and drawings, most of which feature three-dimensional elements.

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Author Amy Ferris Talks About George Clooney, Menopause and Midlife Crises

Categories: Books

Courtesy Amy Ferris
Amy Ferris deals with her midlife crisis in Marrying George Clooney.
Marrying George Clooney: Confessions From a Midlife Crisis isn't actually a how-to book penned by newlywed Amal Clooney. Rather, it's a memoir written by Amy Ferris chronicling her journey through menopause. Waking up in the middle of the night, Ferris would fantasize about marrying Clooney and simultaneously Google her ex-boyfriends, all while on Ambien.

On Saturday, Ferris will be doing a book signing and reading from Marrying George Clooney at the BookBar. Westword spoke with Ferris about menopause, life crises and Clooney's new wife.

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