Photos: Sci-Fi and Steampunk Cosplay at MileHiCon 46

Costumed geeks roamed the city as MileHiCon blasted off at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center for its 42nd year this past weekend. Cosplay specialist and photographer Danielle Lirette was there to document some of the sci-fi con's best-dressed; keep reading for a sampler.

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Six Things You Should Know About Cosplay

Danielle Lirette
Cosplayers dressed as characters from the anime Beyond the Boundary at Nan Desu Kan 2014.
Denver is a great place to be a cosplayer. Nearly a dozen geeky conventions come through the Mile High City every year, from last weekend's Nan Desu Kan to the brony-themed Running of the Leaves, so fans have plenty of chances to dress up as their favorite characters. Even the Denver County Fair got in on the action this year, hosting its own cosplay contest..

But while many Denverites have seen cosplayers in action, few have actually tried it themselves. To give them a crash course in the activity, we spoke to Kaai Santerelli, a professional cosplayer based in Denver. Kaai, who goes by his first name in the community, makes his living modeling, designing and creating costumes; at Nan Desu Kan, he hosted a panel titled "Surviving the Norms" on cosplay safety and etiquette. Here's what he had to say.

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On Trend: Cats and Wolves at The Church

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
On Sunday night, the Church hosted a dance party focused on anime, hentai and cosplay. We spotted a variety of costumes there, but a common theme was prevalent: stylish, furry felines and wolves. Keep reading to learn what subcultures inspired these looks.

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Photos: Kinky Cosplay at the Hentai Sexy Anime Dance Party (NSFW)

Another side of cosplay was explored Sunday night at the Church, where cat-eared Neko slave girls and big-eyed, pink-haired lasses in skimpy maid costumes mingled on the floor with leather-clad anime he-boys. Photographer Aaron Thackeray brought back these images and more from the decadent evening.

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Photos: Nan Desu Kan 2014's Best Costumes on the Contest Runway

Nan Desu Kan 2014's greatest cosplay moment -- the annual costume contest -- unfolded onstage at the Denver Marriott Tech Center on Saturday night, with anime-inspired wings and weapons galore. Photographer Marissa Shevins recorded the action with these images and more.

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Photos: The Cosplayers of Nan Desu Kan 2014

Step inside the Nan Desu Kan anime convention, the region's largest, and you walk into a magical universe of gaming, screenings, fan panels, concerts and detailed costumery created in allegiance to favorite characters from the far-fetched world of anime. There's nothing else like it, as these images by photographer Danielle Lirette of this weekend's events convey.

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Photos: The Modern Mythologists of MALCon

There's a cosplay convention for everyone, it seems, from those obsessed with the world of anime to furry folk who dress up in shaggy animal suits. And then there's the Myths and Legends Con, which changes its overriding themes each year to include different sectors of mythology old and new. This past weekend, the con convened at the Ramada Plaza in Northglenn to hit the gaming tables and celebrate the characters of Harry Potter, Firefly, The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and My Little Pony. Photographer Danielle Lirette was there, and brought back these flights of fancy from MALCon.

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Photos: Animal Attractions at the Rocky Mountain FurCon

You have to wonder why FurCon happens in the heat of August, because, like, thick fur everywhere? Nonetheless, the furries convened over the weekend at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, clad head-to-toe in plush costumes. Thank goodness for air-conditioning. Danielle Lirette brought back these pictures and more of FurCon's heavy-duty cosplayers; read on for some of our favorites.

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Video: Meet the cosplayers of Denver Comic Con 2014

Where can you find Link, The Joker, Spiderman, and half a dozen flavors of stormtroopers in one place? Denver Comic Con. We visited the convention, where cosplayers told us about the inspiration behind their getups, and the work that went into making them.

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The five best things about Denver Comic Con 2014

Jamie Swinnerton
Attendees entering the Convention Center lobby
A Doctor Who chats with the Queen of Dragons while Finn from Adventure Time peruses the art on the table behind them. This is Denver Comic Con 2014. This ever growing convention just keeps getting better. So what made this year so great? Here are the five best things about the 2014 Denver Comic Con.

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