Photos: The Modern Mythologists of MALCon

There's a cosplay convention for everyone, it seems, from those obsessed with the world of anime to furry folk who dress up in shaggy animal suits. And then there's the Myths and Legends Con, which changes its overriding themes each year to include different sectors of mythology old and new. This past weekend, the con convened at the Ramada Plaza in Northglenn to hit the gaming tables and celebrate the characters of Harry Potter, Firefly, The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who and My Little Pony. Photographer Danielle Lirette was there, and brought back these flights of fancy from MALCon.

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Photos: Animal Attractions at the Rocky Mountain FurCon

You have to wonder why FurCon happens in the heat of August, because, like, thick fur everywhere? Nonetheless, the furries convened over the weekend at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, clad head-to-toe in plush costumes. Thank goodness for air-conditioning. Danielle Lirette brought back these pictures and more of FurCon's heavy-duty cosplayers; read on for some of our favorites.

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Video: Meet the cosplayers of Denver Comic Con 2014

Where can you find Link, The Joker, Spiderman, and half a dozen flavors of stormtroopers in one place? Denver Comic Con. We visited the convention, where cosplayers told us about the inspiration behind their getups, and the work that went into making them.

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The five best things about Denver Comic Con 2014

Jamie Swinnerton
Attendees entering the Convention Center lobby
A Doctor Who chats with the Queen of Dragons while Finn from Adventure Time peruses the art on the table behind them. This is Denver Comic Con 2014. This ever growing convention just keeps getting better. So what made this year so great? Here are the five best things about the 2014 Denver Comic Con.

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Photos: The costumes of Denver Comic Con

More than 85,000 people walked through the aisles of the Denver Comic Con over the weekend, according to the folks behind the rapidly growing convention, and a lot of them were in costume. Con cosplay, after all, is an art unto itself, featuring hand-built costumery that can sometimes take months to create. Or not. Photographer Danielle Lirette brought back these images -- and more -- from the third annual event.

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Greg Weisman on his new book, and his Comic con experience

Jamie Swinnerton
Weisman at his booth at Comic Con
Although he is known mostly as the co-creator of the animated series, "Gargoyles," Greg Weisman has taken on a new challenge: young adult fiction. Spirits of Ash and Foam, the second in his growing series, officially comes out July 8, and the author was at Denver Comic Con over the weekend to promote it.

Rain of the Ghosts, the first of the series, tells the story of a young Caribbean girl named Rain whose grandfather gives her the power to see ghosts. Weisman already has seven more books tentatively planned out, following Spirits of Ash and Foam.

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Ryan Policky and The Enigma on their horror-themed booth at Denver Comic Con

Tom Murphy
The Enigma (left) and Ryan Policky.
Ryan Policky of Bloodshed Deathbath Productions is teaming up with The Enigma and Daniel Crosier of Mother Mind Studios to present one of the most unusual booths at Denver Comic Con 2014 where Crosier, The Enigma and Serana Rose, along with their comic-artist collaborators, will release issue 3 of Show Devils, in which the Enigma and Rose are main characters.

The Enigma, wth his unmistakable tattoos and body modifications, became known internationally as one of the founding members of the Jim Rose Circus; he has continued to perform woldwide since parting ways with the Circus in 1998, and also had a memorable 1995 appearance in an episode of the popular television show The X-Files. Some may know Policky for his musical projects like Pure Drama and, more recently, A Shoreline Dream and Genessier. For the last several years, Policky has also been producing and releasing short horror movies through Bloodshed Deathbath Productions, including Barnum Splatter, The Well and Motel London, whose sequel Policky will release during Denver Comic Con. In advance of this weekend's events, we visited with Policky and The Enigma at Policky's house in the Barnum neighborhood, where we discussed what will separate their booth from the other offerings at this year's Comic Con, why Policky hates zombies, why The Enigma is relocating to Denver and what sorts of things The Enigma will be reading at Mutiny Information Cafe on Sunday.

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Photos: Star Wars and Itchy-O spread the force at City Hall

Denver's May the Fourth Be with You Star Wars celebration expanded to a three-day party this year, but Saturday's blowout at City Hall was clearly the high point, with a sci-fi costume contest hosted by Andrew Novick that featured the spectacle of the masked marching band Itchy-O. Photographer Brandon Marshall brought back these images.

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Photos: Best hats of AnomalyCon

All photos by Danielle Lirette
It's not really steampunk without the proper headgear, and the hats, goggles and helmets at this past weekend's AnomalyCon steampunk convention were an anachronistic sight to see. Photographer Danielle Lirette roamed the halls of the con with her camera; keep reading for her shots of some of the best costumerie this side of another time and place.

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Photos: Dr. Krishna and Voltaire's Maniacal Steampunk Ball

All photos by Ken Hamblin
It only made sense to top off the AnomalyCon steampunk convention with a well-timed club night at the Church: Dr. Krishna and Voltaire's Maniacal Steampunk Ball brought out some of the best costumes of the weekend, as well as live music and a Victorian carnival vibe. Ken Hamblin snapped these shots of the well-dressed steampunk aficionados.

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