Photos: Best hats of AnomalyCon

All photos by Danielle Lirette
It's not really steampunk without the proper headgear, and the hats, goggles and helmets at this past weekend's AnomalyCon steampunk convention were an anachronistic sight to see. Photographer Danielle Lirette roamed the halls of the con with her camera; keep reading for her shots of some of the best costumerie this side of another time and place.

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Photos: Dr. Krishna and Voltaire's Maniacal Steampunk Ball

All photos by Ken Hamblin
It only made sense to top off the AnomalyCon steampunk convention with a well-timed club night at the Church: Dr. Krishna and Voltaire's Maniacal Steampunk Ball brought out some of the best costumes of the weekend, as well as live music and a Victorian carnival vibe. Ken Hamblin snapped these shots of the well-dressed steampunk aficionados.

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Photos: The steampunk people of AnomalyCon

The neo-Victorian look was hot over the weekend at AnomalyCon, where steampunk aficionados gathered for elegant, hardware-laden cosplay and camaraderie and all things con, as well as live music by Clockwork Flamingo and Keldari Station. Photographer Danielle Lirette caught the people of AnomalyCon in full dress, from another century.

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Photos: People of Animeland Wasabi 2014

Over the weekend, cosplayers from around the region gathered at the Animeland Wasabi convention for an Asian pop-culture jubilee, with costumes, concerts, animation and 24-hour gaming provided through partnerships with the Colorado Cutthroat Connection and National Video Game Association. Photographer Danielle Lirette caught the spirit of the con in the following photos.

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Alamo Drafthouse goes crazy for Miyazaki

Princess Mononoke
When The Wind Rises opens February 28 at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, it will be the last new film from anime legend Hiyao Miyazaki, who is retiring. In honor of that auspicious occasion, the Alamo is paying tribute to the master with Miyazaki Madness, a series of seven of his greatest films. Starting with the fan favorite My Neighbor Totoro and hitting both career highlights and lesser known gems, the program is a chance for fans to say goodbye to the director in style.

"With his purported last film is coming out, it's good to get some of the solid classics up on the screen," says Keith Garcia, creative manager of the Alamo Denver.

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Update: Akira coming to Alamo for two free showings next Monday

If you need something to be thankful for, how about a free screening of the biggest anime of all? The Alamo Drafthouse is bringing Akira to its screen for a special 25th anniversary showing on Monday, November 25, offering anime fans new and old a chance to see the feted classic on the big screen. "Akira's one of those movies that it's good to watch again, every so often, to kind of remember where the apex of adult animation [is] -- animation not for kids, animation that takes the idea of what you can do in a live-action film and explodes it," says Keith Garcia, creative director for the Alamo Drafthouse Denver.

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Over the weekend: The bronies ran free at Running of the Leaves

Contrary to what one might think, bronies -- cosplaying fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic -- aren't just bros with pony ears: They come in all ages, sizes and genders. And that describes the crowd that gathered this past weekend at the Ramada Plaza Northglenn for Running of the Leaves, a brony-centric cosplay convention like no other. Get a rainbow-hued eyeful of photographer Danielle Lirette's RotL images here, and then saddle up for the complete slide show.

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The top ten geek events in Denver in November

Dr. Who turns fifty.
The leaves have turned and the weather's gone cold, but we geeks aren't concerned -- all of our favorite activities take place indoors, anyway. And this November will give Denver geeks plenty to be thankful for between now and Thanksgiving. In addition to the usual buffet of turkey and pumpkin pie, we get a cornucopia of geek fun, from brony cons to far-out films.

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Cabaret Otaku and the NDK anime con community join forces to help one of their own

Inoli Shiba Costumes
The Cabaret Otaku company in rehearsal for The Medium.
When Nan Desu Kan staff member Becca Cressler collapsed on stage during the Cosplay contest at this year's anime convention, everyone in the building stepped in to help. After two grand mal seizures and an extended hospital stay, the uninsured Cressler was left with mounting medical bills -- but again, her community was there to support her.

This Friday, October 18, Cabaret Otaku -- a troupe that brings traditional opera to the stage through the anime and cosplay community -- will be performing Gian Carlo Menotti's The Medium, and donating the entirety of the evening's proceeds to the Cresslers.

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Nan Desu Kan 2013: Twenty unforgettable cosplay costumes

For a newbie, the myriad characters portrayed by cosplayers at the anime convention Nan Desu Kan are far more esoteric than those you'll see at a regular comic convention: Anime and manga -- Japanese cartoons and serial comics -- form a subset all their own, and their fans seem just a little bit more fanatical.

At NDK, a typical walk through the Marriott DTC turns up hundreds of those characters, from the most obscure to the anime superstars (and some who are purely imaginary, like our favorite Hello Kitty samurai guy), all dressed to the nine-thousands and ready to pose. Here are some of our favorites from over the weekend, caught for Westword by photographer Brandon Marshall. Check them out, and then see the full slide show.

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