Boulder-based filmmaker Phil Solomon awarded USA grant after finishing American Falls

Phil Solomon 3 (1).jpg
Phil Solomon
New York Times chief film critic Manohla Dargis once said Phil Solomon "makes films that look like no others I've seen." When asked to describe his own work, Solomon pensively characterizes it as "something like moving, poetic, musical paintings." While we may never have a consensus on how to classify Solomon's moving images, there's no denying the power of his art. In fact, it recently earned Solomon a hefty grant from United States Artists, a non-profit, artist-advocacy organization.

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Creating Your Relationship Masterpiece classes teach art...and the art of romance

Tired of the perilous world of online dating? The Art Connection is offering a way to actually meet people in person, in a secure environment, and even if romance doesn't result, at least art will.

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Lucky '13: Lauren Seip of Lowbrow Arts and Ladies Fancywork Society

Categories: Art

Jesse Dawson
Lauren Seip (right) with Lowbrow co-founder Tymla Welch.
This past year has been tough for many people, and we're eager to kiss 2012 goodbye. In hopes that 2013 will turn out to be much luckier for many, we invited some of the town's cultural tastemakers -- entrepreneurs and entertainers we're lucky to have in Denver -- to answer a trio of questions. We excerpted quotes from these Q&A's in the New Year's Guide inserted in the December 13 issue of Westword, but we'll be featuring the complete interviews in a series of posts through the end of the year. Up next: Lauren Seip.

In the same way that the sex-positive movement democratized body image, Lowbrow Gallery and Art Supply is attempting to normalize the creative process, removing it from the hands of art-school professors and passing a scented-marker-baton to Denver's every-day citizens. Co-founded by Lauren Seip and Tymla Welch, Lowbrow's low-stress, affordable approach to inspiration is, at least in part, an extension of the Ladies Fancywork Society, a team of guerrilla public artists whose twee-style "yarn-bombs" have been entertaining Denver pedestrians for several years now. Between the kindergarten craft-style workshops, inspiring gallery shows and charming approach to retail art-supplies, Lowbrow has become a featured institution on Denver's Broadway art scene.

We recently sat down with Lauren Seip to discuss academia, corporate art and why there's nothing better than some glitter, glue and a few beers.

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Judy Pfaff tops off her Denver show with an artist talk at Robischon Gallery

Robischon Gallery
Judy Pfaff, "And to the Peacock Beauty."
It seems that nearly everyone who's seen internationally known installation artist Judy Pfaff's latest solo show at Robischon Gallery has come away feeling revitalized -- so much so that the exhibit was held over until the end of December. That created the opportunity for Pfaff to drop by the gallery for an artist talk tonight, presented in conjunction with the Denver Art Museum.

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Denver's RiNo district breaks the First Friday mold this weekend

Sarah Rockett, "First Impressons," Ice Cube Gallery.
The Ice Cube Gallery fronts the Dry Ice Factory, a beautiful, light-strewn maze of studio spaces in, yes, a converted dry-ice factory. It's a formidable venue for the display of art, and once-a year Ice Cube cooperative members join together for a wide-open group show.

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Photos: Artists make statements with materials at RedLine

Categories: Art

Katie Caron, "Drosscapes"

Michael Paglia visited RedLine for this week's review, taking in a group show from artists who also use studio space at the gallery. The show features many different types of work, ranging from paintings to installations, from about two dozen artists. Continue reading for photos from the exhibit.

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Tonight: See Little Denver, meet Gio Toninelo

Auraria Campus_cb.jpg
Gio Toninelo
Auraria Campus looking tiny.

Gio Toninelo's Little Denver photography exhibit went up a week ago, but if you want to meet the artist and hear what he has to say about making the world look like a toy, tonight's the night. From 7 to 8:30 p.m., Toninelo will be at Pablo's Coffee for a low-key reception. Sure, it's a First Friday event, but it's a far cry from the insane press of the Santa Fe Drive scene. Toninelo says he hates to even call it an "opening," and insists that "we're just going to drink some coffee, hang out ... and talk about the show."

Here are a half-dozen of his Little Denver shots to whet your appetite for our big city done small.

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Puss N Pups art show wants to make your tail wag with animal paintings and other erotic art

A painting from Puss N Pups' organizer LewisOne.
Some people enjoy erotic art; some prefer animal art. Depending on which you choose, it can say a lot about your personality. But artist LewisOne thinks these two aren't mutually exclusive, and he plans to prove it when he unveils Puss N Pups: Little Naughty and Nice Art Show during the December 7 First Friday.

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Queens Nina Flowers and Ongina bring art from Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace to life with Pop Drag

Categories: Art, Drag!, GLBTQ

Koko Brentano
Nina Flowers
As both the official photographer for the monthly Drag Nation and a longtime supporter of local art, Koko Brentano had a vision: to see the two worlds collide. Friday night's Pop Drag at EXDO Event Center is the result, a convergence of the work of artists Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace with the multidimensional performances of RuPaul's Drag Race alums Nina Flowers and Ongina -- plus a rotating cast of Drag Nation regulars.

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Photos: William Havu Gallery's Toy Stories II is not just for children

Categories: Art

William Havu Gallery

In this week's review, Michael Paglia visits William Havu Gallery for the second installment of its Toy Stories exhibit -- the first half of which came around in the summer of 2011. The group show features paintings, ceramic works and sculptures that are all inspired by toys -- though not necessarily the "To infinity and beyond!" Disney kind. Continue reading for more photos of the exhibit.

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