Gallery Sketches: Three Shows for the Weekend of August 22-24

Ryan Everson, "Drift," archival inkjet print, 2014. Gildar Gallery.
Summer's nearly over, as kids go back to school and vacations wrap up. This weekend, you can wander through a last summer festival before the fall grind commences, see what's new on the contemporary scene or catch up with the co-ops. It's all good. Here are some suggestions:

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Preview: Ink Lounge gears up for the 2014 ARTCRANK Denver poster show

By Anne Ulku, for ARTCRANK Denver.
The traveling poster party ARTCRANK started in 2007 in Minneapolis and has grown to include several cities across the nation and even overseas locations like London and Paris. But Denver was the first city of that expansion, back in 2009, when founder Charles Youel, who'd been looking for a way to celebrate both the cycling community and the spirit of DIY design, saw our city for the design-savvy bike town that it is. And from the start, it's been a perfect fit. "This is not just for bike messengers or mountain bikers," Youel told Westword in 2010. "It's for anybody who's ever enjoyed the simple act of getting on a bike and traveling around the city."

Keep reading for a preview of ARTCRANK Denver 2014 posters and details about the show Saturday night.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Caleb Hahne

#62: Caleb Hahne

Only 21 years old, artist Caleb Hahne is a classic draftsman who's not afraid to explore new digital media, while still embracing the same tools artists have been using for hundreds of years. A member of Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design's 2014 class and one of the last residents at the belated ShowPen house in the Art District on Santa Fe, he's also the kind of kid who jumps headlong into things, including mural painting and showing work in lots of exhibits; Hahne's already gaining national attention, all while carving out a solid place in the Denver scene. How does the art world look from his youthful vantage point at the top of the world? Keep reading to find out.

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The Fountain Tarot: Three Friends From Denver See the Future in the Cards

Andi Todaro, Jason Gruhl and Jonathan Saiz, creators of The Fountain Tarot.
Does the world really need another tarot deck? Writer Jason Gruhl, fine artist Jonathan Saiz and artist/designer Andi Todaro think so, though there are already hundreds, and possibly thousands, of themed sets circulating out there, some of them dating back to medieval times and others cheaply modern, all kitschy and glittery, with flimsy packaging and a lowest-common-denominator appeal. Something for everyone -- true believers and dabblers alike? Not necessarily, the trio says.

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Gallery Sketches: Three Shows for the Weekend of August 15-17
See new work by Ten Hundred at Love Gallery on Friday.
New exhibitions include an exploration of Chicano activism in art at the Center for Visual Art and a roomful of art, some of it created on site at Access Gallery, by a disabled artist with powerful messages (see below). The weekend will also see the introduction of a new lowbrow temple on Colfax, fine art on Santa Fe and an interdisciplinary exchange down the road in Louisville. Keep reading for a look at what's on display around Denver.

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Gallery Sketches: Three shows for the weekend of August 8-10

Gemma Bayly, collage.
Celebrate the great outdoors this weekend with a festival of sculptural works in a park, as well as a show of pieces by people who paint outdoors. And then there's a transcendent exhibit that will transport viewers to a different plane. If you're looking for art that will take you places -- both physically and spiritually -- here are three shows to catch.

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Five Things You Didn't Know About the Sculptures in Denver's Burns Park

Denver Arts & Venues
Roger Kotoske's piece in 1968.
Burns Park fills the triangle of hillside defined by Colorado Boulevard to the west, Alameda Avenue to the south and Leetsdale Drive, which runs diagonally from northwest to southeast. The park is notable for being home to a suite of mostly minimalist sculptures, some of which have been on the site since 1968. This Saturday, August 9, there will be a festival at Burns Park called Experience 1968, which is free and open to the public. In addition to celebrating the existing pieces, the event features six artists --Trine Bumiller, Claudia Mastrobuono, Nicole Banowetz, Matt Scobey, Nikki Pike and Tara Rynders - -who will be creating temporary works, performances and music in honor of Burns Park and what's happened there in the intervening years. The event, sponsored by Denver Arts & Venues, runs in the park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; tickets are free and may be ordered online, but I've got a feeling you could just show up.

And now, five things you may not know about Burns Park.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Selah Saterstrom

Michael Ensminger, for square product theater.
#63: Selah Saterstrom

Much-published author Selah Saterstrom grew up in the Deep South, which she writes about in such works of indie fiction as The Meat and Spirit Plan and The Pink Institution (both published by Coffee House Press). When she's not writing, she's busy teaching at and running the University of Denver's Ph.D. program in creative writing. The bones of Saterstrom's soon-to-be-published Katrina-inspired novel, SLAB, are creaking to life this month in a multimedia stage version presented by square product theatre. A born wordsmith, Saterstrom even manages to tell stories in her answers to the 100CC questionnaire. Read on.

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Gallery Sketches: Three shows for the weekend of August 1-3

Ravi Zupa
Catch Ravi Zupa at Black Book Gallery on First Friday.
It's First Friday and the first day of August, so it should be a fine, balmy summer night for exploring the art districts, from Santa Fe Drive to RiNo. Here are a few one-of-a-kind shows to see, tonight and through the weekend.

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Poets explore love, Denver style, at the Denver County Fair

The Denver County Fair, now in its fourth year, was conceived as a big, fat blue-ribbon love letter to everything that's cool about Denver, from local artists and a healthy geek culture to, yes, legalized pot. So it's only fair that this year's poetry contest has an I Heart Denver theme.

This year's entries -- all unpublished and judged by a panel of literary pros -- explored love in the Mile High City from just about every angle. Following are the judges' five final picks; hear all of them read live at noon Sunday, August 3, on the fair's Arts Pavilion Stage, where the top three poets will also be awarded with prizes and ribbons.

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