Birdseed Collective Brightens RTD Bus Stops With Art Through the P.S. You Are Here Project

BirdseedAnthonySr Instagram
Bus bench at 45th and Broadway.
With a grant from the city of Denver, Birdseed Collective is beautifying RTD bus benches in its own Globeville/Elyria/Swansea neighborhood. With two benches already finished and four more on the way, the art and community service collective is working with LiveWell Colorado on the P.S. You Are Here Grant to not only bring art to these bus stops, but actual places to rest where there used to be none.

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The Mayday Experiment: Tiny House, Big Disaster!

Categories: Art

Friends prepare to level the tiny house.
After returning from its journey to City, O' City for a fundraiser last week (thank you to all who came and contributed!), the tiny house still needed to be leveled so that we could install the windows -- a task that requires, as much as possible, a level house. I was excited to finally close off the space and make it more weather-proof, the windows were a big step. I couldn't wait to get started.

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Laura Goldhamer Brings Stop Motion to Gregory Alan Isakov

Categories: Art

Michelle Christiance
Laura Goldhamer builds her set for Gregory Isakov's "Amsterdam" video.
In the world of stop motion, sometimes you have to embrace mistakes. Denver artist/musician Laura Goldhamer is used to doing just that, most recently when she created the video for Gregory Alan Isakov's "Amsterdam." One of the props was a large piece of glass with-cotton ball clouds to serve as the sky, and after several takes, one of her team members shattered the glass while the camera was still rolling.

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Electronic Textiles Artist Barbara Layne on Creating Interactive, Wearable Fiber Art

Professor Barbara Layne with two of her wearable pieces that were shown at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
The Dairy Center for the Arts is opening a new exhibition, The Art of Fiber: Fifty Years of the Handweavers Guild of Boulder, that showcases a juried exhibition of new work as well as a historical display of textiles and technology. In celebration of the show, the Handweavers Guild and the Dairy have invited Barbara Layne, a professor at Concordia University in Montreal who works through the Interactive Textiles and Wearable Computers research axis at the Hexagram Institute, to speak at the opening tomorrow night. A former Colorado resident, Layne studied art at the University of Colorado and was an early member of the Guild. In advance of her talk on electronic textiles at the Dairy, Layne spoke with Westword about the origin of her work in the fascinating field of fiber art and technology.

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Sally Centigrade, a New Gallery, Opens on Larimer Tomorrow

Categories: Art

Joe Triscari
If you like your art weird and a little off the beaten path, Sally Centigrade is here to help. The newest addition to Denver's thriving gallery scene is dedicated both to showcasing local artists and to the kind of outsider art that doesn't always get a lot of attention, here or anywhere else.

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Why African-American Art Could Be Another Victim of Bill Cosby

Categories: Art

From the collection of Camille O. and William H. Cosby Jr. Photograph by Frank Stewart, © 2014 The Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation, Seattle/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
"Blind Musician," by Jacob Lawrence.

By now everyone has heard that Bill Cosby -- the beloved Dr. Huxtable from the 1980s hit sitcom "The Cosby Show," and before that, tennis coach Alexander Scott on "I Spy," from the '60s -- has been publicly accused by at least ten women, including Lou Ferrigno's wife, of sexually abusing them, or of having attempted to sexually abuse them.

Although I'm an art writer rather a crime or celebrity reporter, the story resonated with me nonetheless. That's because it occurred to me that there is another victim, one that has been mostly lost in the media shuffle: African-American art.

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After Starting an eBay Art Revolution, Lisa Luree Moves Into the Gallery World

Categories: Art

Happily Ever After, Lisa Luree.
It all began with Artist Trading Cards. Back in 2004, local painter Lisa Luree had already started selling her full-size paintings online when customers began asking if she made Artist Trading Cards, those two-and-a-half by three-and-a-half-inch pieces that artists generally traded. Luree asked her online art community if other artists would be interested in selling their ATCs on eBay -- but the initial response wasn't great.

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Fake Diamonds Relaunches with Pop Up Shop at Love Gallery tonight

Photo courtesy of Dillon Morton
The start of Dillon Morton's clothing company, Fake Diamonds, came in 2009, "when I first learned to convert an art piece of mine in photoshop to have screen-printed on a shirt," he recalls. "After I was able to sell those initial twelve shirts, I went for it and designed about five other shirts and worked with a close friend of mine, Mike Pack, to create a website and Lookbook.

"From there, the goal was to continue learning and pushing what we could do with each collection we released," Morton explains. And tonight he'll relaunch Fake Diamonds with a pop-up shop at Love Gallery.

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Preview: Chaircuterie's Furniture-Inspired Art

David Hamlin
On Thursday, November 13, the American Institute of Graphic Arts Colorado and the Denver Art Museum Design Council will host Chaircuterie, a celebration of design and a fundraiser for AIGA's mentorship and scholarship programs and the Denver Art Museum's Department of Architecture, Design and Graphics. More than a hundred chair-inspired works will be showcased and auctioned off during the event; the collection, created by such local and national artists and designers as Ethan Hutchinson, Mike Giant and Mario Zoots, includes functional furniture as well as sculptural works and two-dimensional pieces.

In advance of the party, here's a preview of some of the pieces that will be up for auction tomorrow evening at the McNichols Building:

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Staycation House/Gallery Show Wants Your Domestic Self-Portait Submissions

Categories: Art, DIY

Residents of Boulder's Goss House invite submissions for their upcoming house/Gallery show.
When artists and roommates Laura Conway and Anna Winter started talking about curating their own gallery show in their home, it was crucial to challenge the traditional format of a place for art. "While subverting the white wall gallery model isn't new, we wanted to experiment in our own alternative space -- where behavior isn't orchestrated in such a prescribed manner as a gallery," says Conway.

Together, the friends came up with Staycation, a literal in-house exhibition of all mediums of art that will debut on December 6. They're currently accepting submissions for the show; installations, sculptural work, paintings, photography, film and video and performance-based work are all welcome. The idea is for artists to submit pieces that are like self-portraits, but are not limited to representations of a person's face or body.

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