Anne Pasternak on Socially Engaged Art and Making the Change They Want to See

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Kara Walker, Dominio Sugar Factory Project
Creative Time's current exhibition is Kara Walker's Dominio Sugar Factory Project.
Today and tomorrow, artists working at the intersection of social justice and the art world will gather at Anderson Ranch outside Aspen to discuss their projects as a part of Making the Change They Want to See. The artists are as varied as Steve McQueen, director of 12 Years a Slave; Laurie Jo Reynolds, who used creative organizing strategies to shut down a supermax prison in Illinois; and Mel Chin, who addresses issues of ecological destruction and cultural displacement through collaboration at non-traditional sites: at toxic dumps, on prime-time television and through video games.

To learn more about the event and the state of socially engaged public art, we spoke with Anne Pasternak, the seminar's curator and the president and artistic director of Creative Time, a New York-based public arts organization.

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Work by Former Denver Artist FACARO Shines on True Blood

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Photo by Fabiola Torres Alzaga
Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has come a long way since Denver. The artist, who's now based in Los Angeles, goes by FACARO in the art world, where she's gained international acclaim. And one of her chandeliers made of bicycle parts was just featured in several episodes of the popular vampire series, True Blood.

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The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Lands a Killer Matt O'Neill Painting

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"Town Without Pity," by Matt O'Neill.
No institution has played a more important role in Colorado's art history than the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Among its collections is one dedicated to modern and contemporary pieces created by Colorado artists. It's a nice collection -- not on the level of the Kirkland Museum's, mind you -- but very nice, and it just got a little nicer.

Last spring, the center mounted Thrift Store Sublime, a solo dedicated to Denver's highbrow/lowbrow juggler extraordinaire Matt O'Neill, which I reviewed in May. During the show, O'Neill felt that museum director and chief curator Blake Milteer and assistant curator Joy Armstrong had done well by him, so he decided to give one painting from the show to the CSFAC -- and he let them pick which one (the museum already has two O'Neills in its permanent collection).

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Sue Scott on women artists, getting into museums, feminism and her new book

Production photograph by Marcin Oliva Soto.
Katarzyna Kozyra, Cheerleader, 2006

For decades, feminists have challenged the art world to open up galleries and museums to women artists. While nominal progress has been made, many major institutions still show a disproportionate amount of work by male artists. This disparity is one of many reasons critics Eleanor Heartney and Nancy Princenthal and curators Helaine Posner and Sue Scott co-authored The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium, a profile of 24 artists that some have described as a new canon -- a term the writers resist.

In advance of their appearance at Anderson Ranch, Westword talked with Scott about the book, the state of feminism and the struggles and successes of women in the art world.

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Five things you didn't know about the art at Denver International Airport

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There are secrets behind the public art pieces at Denver International Airport -- and it's not what conspiracy theorists would have you believe. We checked in with DIA Exhibitions Coordinator Tim Vacca and Public Art Program Coordinator Mandy Renaud, and discovered there's a method to all the madness. Keep reading for five things you didn't know about the art at DIA.

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Photos: Body art from Denver Face Paint and Body Art Jam artists (NSFW)

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The annual Denver Face Paint and Body Art Jam is taking place at Mountain Air Ranch from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 27. And there should be plenty of bodies to work with, since Mountain Air is a clothing (very) optional facility. Unfamiliar with body art? We've collected a gallery of images of artists and models (some NSFW) from previous jams.

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Can't make the Louvre this summer? Take a quick trip to DIA!

Categories: Art

"America, Why I Love Her," by Gary Sweeney
When people travel through Denver International Airport, they're rarely thinking about the art there. Typically, a travelers are more concerned with cramming McDonald's hash browns into their kids' mouths and getting to the gate without a mental breakdown than they are with marveling at the artwork in the terminal. But DIA boasts a lot more than Dunkin' Donuts and Mayor Michael Hancock greeting you over the train intercom (that, by the way, is considered art, too). And so last week we joined the DIA Art and Culture Program on a walking tour of the art at DIA.(All photos by Caleb Williams, art most certainly not by Caleb Williams)

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Artist Jon Zahourek's anatomy lessons find a home in south Denver

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Emerald O'Brien
One of Zahourek's hand models for the Anatomy in Clay Center workshop.
Artist Jon Zahourek teaches anatomy from the inside out, creating model skeletons from clay. And with the Studios at Overland Crossing, just off Santa Fe and Evans, he's also built a community center from the inside out, taking a former pottery factory and turning it into a space for art classes, events and his own studio.

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Goldfish and a life-sized nude highlight Articulated Perspectives at the Havu gallery

Categories: Art

Summer is traditionally a time for group shows, but most galleries tend to feature work by their various artists, with no clear interconnecting theme. Not so at William Havu Gallery, where owner Bill Havu and gallery administrator Nick Ryan have brought together four artists, all of whom do contemporary work based on representational imagery that also incorporates abstract sensibilities.

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Blackbird and the Snow's neo­-Victorian precious metalwork comes to Goldyn

Categories: Art, Fashion

Kristen Hatgi Sink
Part of the Blackbird collection.
When Marie-­Juliette Bird made her way to London more than a decade ago, her original mission was work on music. But after unexpectedly crossing paths with celebrated jeweler David Courts, Bird's course changed forever. She returned to the states a few years ago as a jewelry maker after having spent that tiem learning from the master craftsman, and in 2012 she launched her own line, Blackbird and the Snow.

This Saturday, July 12, Highland boutique Goldyn will host the Blackbird and the Snow trunk show, a display and sale of Bird's carefully crafted accessory line.

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