DADA Art Bar pours out High Fructose Porn Syrup show tomorrow

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Alex Brown
Iain Chisholm, Maximilian Shiffman and Thai Massey gear up to open DADA Art Bar with a trippy bang.
DADA Art Bar occupies a prime corner of Denver. This space at 2470 Broadway used to be in the middle of nowhere -- dada, indeed! -- but these days the Ballpark neighborhood is popping. After months of meticulous planning by Ian Chisholm, who also owns Amerigo right around the corner, Denver will soon have a new place to guzzle drinks and check out an emerging art scene. This Friday was supposed to mark the opening of DADA, but thanks to a paperwork mix-up with the city, DADA's official debut has been pushed to the following week. But the show will go on with a private party this weekend, featuring psychedelic pop artists who are eager to be the first to display art in the brand-new space.

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Park House doubles down on comedy this week with standup comedy showcase

While Park House has been a well-regarded live music venue as well as go-to neighborhood bar since opening in 2012, its foray into hosting comedy performances is a much more recent development. But starting with Bobby Crane's whimsically named "Jolly Trolley" open mic, Denver's unwashed comics have been welcomed at Park House, where they utter deplorable things into the high-class sound-system week after week. As a result, Park House has quickly emerged as an essential part of a local comedian's Tuesday night itinerary; Bobby Crane of the Fine Gentleman's Club hosts up-and-coming comics at 9:30 p.m. every Tuesday. This week, however, Park House is doubling down on comedy by also mounting a Friday night showcase featuring some of the funniest comics in town.

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Photos: It was a plaid, plaid world at the Tavern Downtown's Lumberjack Party

In a city that worships flannel, a Lumberjack Party isn't much of a stretch. At the fifth annual edition, this time at the Tavern Downtown on Saturday night, the floor was packed with flannel-clad boys and girls swinging their Paul Bunyan axes, twirling their manly (and womanly) moustaches, and bellying up tp the bar for enough PBRs to last a long, hard winter in the North Woods. Photographer Scott Lentz brought back these pictures of the fun, which included a surprise proposal; see the full slide show for all these and more.

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Greg Baumhauer recording live album at the Squire Lounge Thursday

Comedy at the Squire Lounge has a storied yet ignominious history -- and Greg Baumhauer has been there through it all. As the founder and erstwhile host of the Squire's notorious Tuesday night open mic, Baumhauer has evolved into something of a deadbeat father-figure to novice comics who haunt the beloved dive bar week after week. For seven years, Baumhauer has presided over what came to be known as "the meanest mic in America." Indeed, for comics and audiences alike, Baumhauer's pointed mockery proved to be just as fearsome as the bar's pipe-hitting, knife-wielding demographic. While the Squire has (debatably) improved these days, open mic night can still feel like more of a stygian journey to nowhere than an evening of standup comedy -- but all that may change soon. The Squire is closing its doors for a few weeks to undergo major renovations.

In celebration of the death and eventual rebirth of the Squire Lounge, Greg Baumhauer will be recording his first live comedy album there on Thursday, August 15.

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Noir @ the Bar celebrates red-meat fiction and remembers writer Cort McMeel

Last year, a cadre of Denver's finest noir fiction writers skulked their way over to Juanita's for Denver's inaugural Noir @ the Bar fiction event. The success of that first edition was measured in viscera: "The uninitiated left Juanita's bleeding from the ears, and unsuspecting diners were found vomiting in the gutters of Broadway for hours afterwards," they reported.

In the year and change that followed, the noir genre has continued its literary renaissance, and anticipation grew for a a second set of live authorial readings of red-meat crime stories. Sadly, the past year also witnessed the death of organizer Cortright McMeel, a promising writer whose career was cut tragically short.

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Sex marks the spot: Planned Parenthood hosts its first Get Yourself Tested trivia night

PPGYT 1.jpg
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
Planned Parenthood promotes its annual Get Yourself Tested campaign.
In what U.S. state is it illegal for a man to have sex with a fish? If you want to know the answer -- and are looking for something both fun and educational to do Thursday night -- Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has you covered. It's hosting a sex-trivia night at Hamburger Mary's Club M as part of PP's annual Get Yourself Tested national campaign.

The event will feature trivia questions both humorous and informational on topics ranging from anatomy to pop culture, and proceeds will go to support the GYT low-cost testing days coming soon to a PPRM center near you.

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The ten best comedy shows in April

As we inch our way toward the glory of summer comedy festivals, Denver has already begun heating up with a variety of shows featuring whip-smart young comics and world-wise icons of days past. We've got a DIY music and comedy festival (with a bouncy castle!), two feature players from Chelsea Lately, some foody-humor at Deer Pile, and some Missed Connection weirdness at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Click ahead to see what spring has in store for the Denver comedy fans emerging from a six-month hibernation of Kids in the Hall DVD's and classic Nintendo games.

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Beer meets confession at Theology on Tap

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All photos by Kate Gibbons.
Theology on Tap MCs pose with Reverend John Riley.
A priest walks into a bar.

This isn't beginning of a joke. On Monday night, Reverend John Riley walked into Katie Mullen's Irish Restaurant and Pub for the Catholic Archdiocese of Denver's monthly Theology on Tap gathering.

On loan from the Archdiocese of Arlington, Virginia, Reverend Riley, a Guinness drinker, opened with a prayer as the people in the packed bar bowed their heads. The crowd, mostly in their twenties and early thirties, and presumably Catholic, had gathered to listen to Riley address the night's topic "Confessions From the Other Side of the Screen." In the middle of the Lenten season, it was an appropriate topic.

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Graham Elliot, author of A Pact for Life, on why he drinks and writes in Denver

photo (1).JPG
Graham Elliot scribbles notes at a local bar
Not long ago, Graham Elliot moved to Colorado to chase a girl. Unfortunately, his quest for love didn't conclude with a picturesque Hollywood ending. So Elliot did what most spurned lovers do: He wrote a novel, of course. In 2012 Elliot released A Pact for Life, a story about a hot-and-cold Denver couple who make a potentially eternal (or rather, "paternal") decision after a casual night of drinking. Now in the process of writing a second novel, Elliot sat down with Westword to talk about what drove him write in the first place, why Kurt Vonnegut has had such a profound influence on his life, and everything in between.

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Noir at the Bar comes to Denver Thursday

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Noir fiction is full of seedy bars where desperate people make bad decisions to do worse things to each other. So it makes sense that if you want to offer a place for noir writers to read their work and interact with the public, you'll skip the bookstore and go straight to the source: Noir at the Bar.

Noir writers and publishers Jedidiah Ayres and Scott Phillips kicked off the first Noir at the Bar two years ago in St. Louis, and have since expanded the program to Los Angeles, as well as put out two collections of short noir fiction under the Noir at the Bar name. Now, with the help of a handful of local writers, Noir at the Bar is coming to a bar near you: Juanita's.

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