Join the Denver Cruiser Ride tonight for its fifteen minutes of fame

A Denver Cruiser Ride in the heart of December has to have a reason -- or at least a reason more urgent than the usual "because." And in fact, tonight's DCR Retro Ride is getting in gear for a great reason: It's destined to be part of a locally produced Travel Channel pilot with Bert Kreischer of the cable network's Trip Flip. Tentatively called It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (like the Jimmy Buffet song), the show will presumably follow fun-loving Bert on nightlife adventures.

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Press Play arcade bar opens in Boulder former Round Midnight space

press play 1.jpg
All photos by Elyse Mitchell
A year after he opened the 1UP arcade/bar in LoDo, business was so good that Jourdan Adler took over the former Monkey Bar on East Colfax and turned it into the 2UP. Inspired by the "barcade" trend, Jesse Gossett and Mike Boselli recently took over the former Round Midnight -- which closed after a three-decade run at 1005 Pearl Street in Boulder -- and rehabbed it in a week and a half, doing most of the construction themselves. Earlier this month, it opened as Press Play.

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Aria ready for this? Opera on Tap Denver celebrates its first anniversary

Opera in a bar: The two go together well, as Opera on Tap demonstrates. The New York-bred monthly pastime has conquered Denver in its first year here, and has done so well it's now spread to Boulder. "We have introduced so many people to opera -- and shown how accessible it really is," says founder Eve Orenstein. "And it's a great opportunity for the local singers who perform with us, too."

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Choose your wacky Denver event! (flow chart)

It seems like every weekend in Denver there's another fun run with a theme, which is great, really. Sure, there are themed runs (often involving beer before, during or after) in other cities, but probably not with the frequency, participation level or gusto as we can boast here in Colorado. It's an active culture in Denver, and that translates right into dressing up like an idiot, meeting up with other idiots dressed the same, and hitting the bars. After a 5K, usually.

So with the plethora of themed events in Denver, how do you know which one is right for you? We've devised this service-y flow chart for you, Show and Tell readers. And one other thing: If you think you've landed on an event that's suited to your tastes, click your mouse on it and you'll be taken to a slide show with photos so you can be sure.

Happy hunting!

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A flipping good time at Irish Rover

big pour.jpg
Drinking games aren't simply about who can drink the most the fastest; that would be silly and pointless. Drinking games are about who can drink the most the fastest...and then perform competitive dexterous feats. This past weekend, the Irish Rover hosted a flip-cup competition that was a benefit for the Denver Harlequins, a local rugby club sponsored by the Rover, with a $1,000 prize for the competitor with the fastest fingers this side of the Platte. Experience the night's excitement vicariously through our photo/video recap of the event.

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Beauty Bar's Motown Tuesday serves sweet soul music, with a side of chicken and waffles

Categories: Bars, Nightlife

Imagine this on a Tuesday night, when the week is still young: something old-school and just for the hell of it, a place where you can get funky and dance like you're fifteen again, in another time and century. That's what Motown Tuesday, the weekly dance night at Beauty Bar, is all about.

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Down and derby! The best-dressed Kentucky Derby fans we saw on Saturday

All photos by Britt Chester
There was great fashion, loud music and heavy-pours, and probably some hooking-up and broken hearts: Yes, it was Derby day again in Denver! Apparently, there was also a horse race in Kentucky or something, but those people are all backwoods rednecks, anyway. There were giant hats to be worn, people!

Did we mention there was great fashion?!?! Below are a few memorable outfits, fits and faces of the Kentucky Derby parties we snuck into over the weekend.

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Now, onto the memorable Derby'ers.

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Once Upon a Race again proves Denverites will get up early and wear costumes while drinking

More Once Upon a Race photos.
Denverites really have no problem with getting up early on a weekend, donning a ridiculous costume and drinking -- all for a good cause (remember Cupid's Undie Run?)

It happened again over the weekend. Photos below.

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Squire Lounge Comedy Night: It lives! It lives!

Sam Tallent.
Denver's comedy community despaired when heckler-ready Squire Lounge comedy night open-mike host Greg Baumhauer decided to call it quits.

The comedy night was mean, it was ugly, it was the toughest crowd in town -- if you could even get them to listen to you in the first place. But for many fledgling comics, the Squire was home on Tuesday nights. And then, in the cold of winter, they were kicked back out into the streets.

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Opera on Tap taps the popular, tonight at Bender's

Opera on Tap
The opera singers who regularly let their hair down at Opera on Tap, the up-close-and-personal monthly bar night at Bender's Tavern, will further reveal their inner selves during tonight's installment, the Musical Month of March. And though opera is inherently musical, this "musical" refers to what blossoms on Broadway rather than at the Met.

Beginning at 8 p.m., some of our local warblers -- singers who are perhaps more familiar with the Ellie than the Met -- will be belting tunes from Kurt Weill and Stephen Sondheim, along with favorites from shows like Ragtime and Little Shop of Horrors, in operatic tones. Wonder if they'll break any glasses?

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