Eco-Beauty Company R. L. Linden Now Has a Retail Base in North Denver

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R.L. Linden's Facebook.
R.L. Linden's workspace and retail shop in north Denver.
It's been a busy year for R.L. Linden. Before the local eco-beauty company celebrated its first anniversary in August, co-founders Robin King and Lynn Till were so busy with their two-woman operation that they needed room to grow. Originally the two used their own kitchens as the R.L. laboratories and production houses, and they had just finished building out King's basement to aid in the expansion of the growing business when a small flood forced the pair to find a new space much more quickly than anticipated.

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Veda Salon and Spa Introduces the Mandala Club, an Urban Oasis

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All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
CEO of Veda Spa and Salon Carrie Perkins outside 1717 Champa Street.
Veda Salon and Spa, a small, Colorado-based chain, has had a location in the Hotel Monaco for almost two decades -- but the downtown Denver spa just launched a new VIP program, The Mandala Club, which offers amenities that are guaranteed to calm your chaotic urban life. We recently visited Veda and chatted with CEO Carrie Perkins about the spa's services and the new club.

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Sweet Georgia Sugar makes all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products

Dan Jahn
After suffering from eczema for most of her life, Sarah Jacobson was tired of getting little or no relief from over-the-counter and prescription options. Taking matters into her own hands, she combined a little research with her own self-taught organic cooking skills and started creating all-natural lotions in her kitchen. The result was astounding -- her skin became clear, so much so that coworkers wanted to know what she was doing differently. That's how Jacobson's all-natural skincare line Sweet Georgia Sugar was born, and less than a year after it began, Jacobson is seeing big business for her small operation.

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Shelly Coffman's beauty line, Poppy Drops, helps kids grow up -- but not too quickly


So, you've got a kid, huh? Whether it's your own rambunctious preschooler or the bratty nephew you've been charged with keeping alive for the next five hours, the most important thing is leaving your house where valuables are liable to be destroyed and seeking refuge on somebody else's property. In this series, we'll be exploring fun, local, and quirky spots that are kid-tastic and adult-friendly, too.

Spend an afternoon with my eight-year-old neighbor, and you'll quickly see that with some little ones, any attempts to ban glitz and glam are futile. Enter Poppy Drops, Creative Child Magazine 2013 Product of the Year, the cutesy new beauty brand that lets spunky kiddos be their wonderful, unique selves by indulging their affinity for grown-up accessories in a safe and age-appropriate fashion. The idea was born when Poppy Drops creator Shelly Coffman, class-action litigator turned mom-trepreneur, wanted to provide her daughter with a harmless alternative to that permanent -- and often painful! -- rite of passage known as pierced ears. Fashioning temporary tattoo earrings, Coffman paved the way for her current line of trendy, temporary and wonderfully glamorous gear.

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Denver Natural Hair Care Expo will focus on self-care, community connection Sunday

Going strong for eleven years in its home location in Baltimore, the Natural Hair Care Expo comes to Denver for the first time this Sunday, June 8,at Cleo Parker Robin Dance. This vendor market also acts as an interactive and educational day focusing on natural hair care and whole body wellness. The expo is on an eighteen-city tour through the U.S., and is stopping in Denver through a partnership with Phaedra High and her community event organization, Urban Cipher.

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R. L. Linden & Co. fuses organic ingredients with good intention to create eco-conscious skincare

Courtesy of R.L. Linden
From the ingredients in the products to the packaging, R.L. Linden uses sustainable, kind-to-the-earth materials.
Robin King and Lynn Till had been running in the same social circles for years before the two sat down and realized they shared a passion for beauty products. "She just randomly said to me one day, I don't know why I'm telling you this, but would you like to make lotions together," Till says with a laugh about King's approach. "I pretty much freaked out on her; as a creative outlet, I had been mixing teas and flower essences at home for years. It kind of just took off from there."

The duo's skincare line R.L. Linden -- named after Robin and Lynn and the Linden tree found all over Colorado -- took shape early in 2013 and they began putting products on very select local store shelves last August. Focusing on all-organic products, Till and King create their small-batch line by hand, using formulations they have perfected through many cycles of testing and trying things on themselves.

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First Annual March for Absurdity brings weirdness to the streets

All photos by Byron Graham
The First Annual March for Absurdity
Denver's First Annual March for Absurdity convened at RTD's Market Street Station on Sunday afternoon. Whimsical accoutrements abounded at this small but dedicated gathering of weirdos, united in a defiantly pointless exercise for the sake of spectacle. But oh, what a spectacle.

While the costumes were all decidedly bizarre, the real show was on the baffled faces of passersby as they tried to figure out just what the hell was going on. Westword briefly spoke to March organizer Esther Hz (pictured above with a bunny head on) and took a several photos of what amounted to a pretty weird afternoon.

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A lot to love on the February fashion calendar

Lucas Powell
Fashions by Mona Lucero
Love is in the air in February -- especially when it comes to fashion. A highlight of the month will be a Goodwill fashion show hosted by Tim Gunn and Mondo Guerro, who'll also be hosting a weekly Under the Gunn watching party. Here's some of what's in store for February.

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Lindsay Maynard on the write stuff and 303's Denver Fashion Weekend

Categories: Beauty, Fashion

Olivia Lewis
Lindsay Maynard of 303 magazine
With Denver Fashion Weekend 013 just two days away, we spoke with Lindsay Maynard, editor-in-chief/fashion editor of 303, to get the scoop on this weekend's events and her thoughts on the local fashion scene.

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Charlie Price producing style for 303's Denver Fashion Weekend

Producer Charlie Price-303 DFW
One of Denver's most anticipated fashion events, 303's Denver Fashion Weekend hits City Hall on November 9 and 10. One of the creative forces behind 303's Denver Fashion Week is Charlie Price, the show's producer and former reality star of Shear Genius. We caught up with Price to find out what to expect on Saturday night.

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