Style Strike bags fashion fans with its first episode

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
The crew films an interview next to the style board.
Style Strike debuted yesterday in the plaza of the Denver Pavilions. In this home-grown reality show, host Samuel Schimek -- of the I Heart Denver store in the Pavilions -- chooses audience members with old, out-of-style accessories to "strike" and replace with new items that are actually in "style."

Every Wednesday through August 15, the Pavilions will feature a new Style Strike, focusing on different kinds of accessories. Yesterday, three lucky winners took home brand-new, trendy bags -- and I received free movie tickets just for showing up!
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-- Cash Mob at I Heart Denver

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Stay with me, bra: Finding a home for the girls

Categories: Beauty, Fashion

Captivation Push Up Bra and Hipster_Black.jpg
Pictured: Not me in a Wacoal bra.
"You need to throw that thing away as soon as you get home," says Tracy. "You see how it's riding up in the back?" I do see. I'm standing in the bathroom of a suite at the Ritz-Carlton with Tracy, a woman I just met, and she's appalled -- appalled -- by my undergarments. Well, undergarment.

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Vibrators: A pop-culture history of this buzzed-about device

Like gay marriage, marijuana use and tattoos, public perception of female sex toys is not what it used to be. While male sex toys still weigh heavy on the shame scale, a female pleasure device is mostly seen as a cute novelty. Encountering one while snooping is comparable to finding a rutabaga in the fridge or a Kid 'n Play record on the shelf: more "Oh, that's interesting" than "You filthy slut."

In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play, which opens tomorrow at the Bug, takes us back to a time before female sexuality was acknowledged, when the buzzing phallus was used to treat women for "hysteria" -- and once its alternative uses were made known, was vilified as an unmentionable weapon of evil, a disgusting appliance of hell-bound harlots.

In honor of this theatrical monument to the social evolution of female sexuality, we are proud to present this brief pop-culture history of the vibrator:

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Body sugaring for summer -- I got the full Brazilian!

Categories: Beauty

J. Wohletz
It's almost swimsuit season, and I was sporting a rocking case of "winter bush."

Ladies, we all know what that is: You wear jeans and heinie-hiding girl-brief panties all winter long, into early spring, and when you finally snap and look down at your privies in the shower, it looks like you are hobby-horsing a yeti.

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Calling all mods: Mods Mayday at the Skylark Lounge

Thumbnail image for Mayday.jpg
It's difficult to say exactly what "mod" means in 2012. Even when the movement reached its zenith in London in the early '60s, the definition wasn't clear: not quite hippie, not quite punk, not quite English, yet not quite American, either. Inventing a sort of bohemian dandy aesthetic, the mods wore pork-pie hats, listened to jazz records, gobbled down amphetamines like pac-man and rode Vespa scooters through London, on their way to fights with "the rockers." Ah, but some would say that's not quite right, either. In its evolutions from the Quadrophenia/mod-punk revival of the late '70s to the Britpop aesthetics of the mid-90s, what's considered mod has gone through many changes and titles -- yet, like the Supreme Courts definition of pornography, you know it when you see it.

Here in Denver, the mod lifestyle of high fashion, scooters and record-collecting has been growing, due in part to groups like the Denver Vintage Reggae Society, whose events allow people to get dressed up in mod (or skinhead, ska, northern soul, etc.) gear and dance to records made before most of them were even born. And this Friday, May 18, you can check out these bohemian dandies yourself at the Mods Mayday 2012 event at the Skylark Lounge, featuring DJs spinning ska and northern soul, as well as live music by The Manxx and The Sonic Archers.

Westword reached out to Mods Mayday 2012 event organizer Steve Antonio to discuss scooters, music and shopping for mod clothes in Denver.

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A thick history of beards and facial hair (infographic)

Does a beard make the man? It depends on who you ask. Historically, beards were used for warmth, intimidation of protection from enemies, but in modern times, women find beards only about two-thirds as attractive as a clean-shaven man. In Colorado, beards can be a seasonal look for the October-March snow, but are also worn year-round in homage of the pioneers who settled this land. (Or perhaps beards are really hip in some social circles.) Learn more about beards with the below infographic, then work on turning that stubble into a face rug everyone will look upon with envy.

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Photos: Forever Darling 5 fashion show, 3/30/12

Designer Fallene Wells of Forever Darling.
On Friday, the Denver Art Museum played host to Forever Darling 5 fashion show, in conjunction with its monthly Untitled series and the Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective exhibition. This edition of Forever Darling featured eight designers from Project Runway: Michael Costello, Becky Ross, Danielle Everine, Jason Troisi, Julie Tierney, Rafael Cox, Cecilia Motwani and Fallene Wells, who showcased original designs inspired by fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. Photos by Jim Wills for Westword.

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Photos: Paper Fashion Show at the Denver Center

The Art Directors Club of Denver presented the eighth annual Paper Fashion Show Thursday, March 15, 2012 at the Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Guests were treated to 50 original fashion designs created (almost) entirely of paper. Flowers, wings, lace and all assortments of gowns, dresses, corsets and accessories found their way on the runway in every color of the rainbow. Jim Wills brings back these photos for Westword: Slide show: 2012 Paper Fashion Show.

Below are a few highlights.

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Tara Lang, ousted Face Off contestant, trades reality TV for LMFAO videos

This is the first week Tara Lang of Littleton won't be applying monster make-up on SyFy's Face Off. The show, a sort of Project Runway with special effects make-up, has been somewhat of a hit since it started last year, with this season's premiere hitting the highest ratings for an original series on the network in three years.

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Brandi Shigley closes Fashion Denver boutique, opens new chapter

Brandi Shigley
Fashion Denver owner Brandi Shigley encourages others to do just as she is doing: "Focus on your focus."

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