The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October

Natalie Brasington
October is a month for costumed ghouls and seasonal melancholy. As the autumnal leaves drift wanly into the dampened streets and crumble under the indifferent feet of passersby, many listless Denverites may find themselves in dire need of a laugh. Fortunately, this month promises a bountiful giggle harvest from Denver's comedy crops, with the return of some of our most creative local showcases, laudable fundraising efforts, and visits from comic luminaries drifting into town on the tide of nostalgia for decades long past. Though the confluence of sporting seasons means fiercer competition for the wandering attention of local entertainment-seekers, comedy is bringing its A-Game to town this month. Here are our ten best comedy events for October, now in chronological order.

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Dr. Drew Talks About Addiction, Childhood Trauma and Why He Believes in Twelve Steps

Dr. Drew Pinsky -- better known as just Dr. Drew -- has been a prominent voice of the medical profession in popular culture for more than two decades, dispensing advice on both radio and television and working with everyone from actors and musicians to everyday folks as an addiction specialist. This Thursday, September 18, Dr. Drew will be in the Seawell Ballroom as the guest speaker at this year's fundraiser for Arapahoe House, a local non-profit with more than a dozen rehabilitation facilities and twenty treatment programs operating across Colorado. In advance of this appearance, Dr. Drew took the time to speak with Westword about his work and how he views the state of addiction in 2014.

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This Weekend: Eat Like It's Still Summer and Help This Refugee Soccer Team Get a Ride

Jason Hicks (third from right) and his hot kicks, The Niyakko Rush.
Here's an idea: If, like me, you are bored to tears with the corporatization of sport and want to celebrate in some way those who play for pure love of the game -- and maybe grab a burger, some hot dogs, and a cheap car wash in the bargain -- then I've got a deal for you. Point your car to the heart of Aurora this Saturday afternoon and make the acquaintance of Niyakko Rush, a grass-roots soccer club of talented and dedicated young refugees who just really, really, really want to play.

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For a modest donation -- whatever you, Mr. or Ms. Consumer, feels is fair -- you can get your car washed and be well fed. And meet some soccer fiends who are so tight, so wildly enmeshed in this idea of teamwork, that they named their club after a Burmese term that means "brother."

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The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver this September

As the year lumbers toward autumn and Denver shakes off its summer-festival hangovers, our city's bleary-eyed revelers have few better live entertainment options than comedy. From a nice roster of comedy-club headliners rolling through town to a banner month for some of Denver's most esteemed local showcases to a greedily stacked comedy festival, comedy fans have solid options nearly every week. Seriously, September is packed with so many great shows that we could easily double the list and glaring omissions would still abound. And the lineup gets off to a very strong start today.

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Root Yoga Benefits the Chanda Plan Foundation With Tonight's Yoga on the River

For Root Yoga, utilizing its own community of yogis to raise money and awareness for nonprofits has always had a local focus. Studio owner Lauren Turnage says that while she often sees others in the yoga community raising money for global issues, Root's mission is to harness the power of its students by partnering with local foundations in need.

For the last three summers, the yoga studio has hosted its "Yoga on the River" outdoor summer class series and tonight's final installment for the 2014 season is raising money to support local integrative therapy non-profit The Chanda Plan Foundation.

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Brain Aid Will Help Comedian and Lion's Lair Open-Mic Night Founder Troy Baxley

Categories: Benefits, Comedy

Troy Baxley is a comedian's comedian. "He's a brilliant comic; everything that comes out of his mouth is fucking hilarious," says fellow Denver standup comic Heather Snow. "People know him from coming up -- Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland. All of those guys started in rooms that Troy started. He's like a Denver legend."

One of the rooms he started is now infamous: Baxley's open mic night at Lion's Lair was created as a place for comics to get a taste of the road. He knew how tough it was to step into a bar full of people who didn't care if someone was on stage telling jokes or not, and he wanted his fellow comics to get the necessary training to go out there and kill it.

But now, the man who aided the careers of so many local comedians needs help himself.

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Photos: Taking Steps Against HIV/AIDS at the 2014 Colorado AIDS Walk

Thousands of runners, walkers, mutts and whole families hit the streets around Cheesman Park Saturday for the annual AIDS Walk Colorado, before celebrating their stamina in hot and sunny conditions with a festival in the park. Side events included a volleyball tournament and the Diva Dash Stiletto Fun Run for high-heeled contestants; Ken Hamblin caught all the action in the following AIDS Walk images.

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Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar neon sign needs help to light up the night again

Light Up the Night Collection.
When photojournalist Corky Scholl started the non-profit Save the Signs in 2012, the first sign he wanted to save was the neon, Googie-style wonder that had graced Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar on East Colfax Avenue until the place closed in 1983. Two decades later, Scholl found it for sale on Craigslist -- and to keep the sign from being sold to an owner who might not publicly display it, Scholl created Save the Signs and started a fundraising effort to buy the icon.

Though unsuccessful at that first attempt, Scholl convinced owners Mike Brown and Melissa Kostic to lease it to him until he could make another attempt to save the sign. This week, Scholl and friends launched a new Indiegogo campaign, and now they need your help to get this neon beauty back out on Colfax where it belongs.

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Urban Nights will celebrate Denver fashion -- and raise money for Urban Peak

Chad Chisholm/Creationize
The second Urban Nights Fashion Show is a "runway with a reason." The event promises to not only be a great fashion celebration featuring some of Denver's best boutiques and designers (including Project Runway's Mondo Guerra) but to raise a lot of money for Urban Peak, a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of services for youth who are homeless or at risk. In advance of Friday night's festivities, we spoke with both creative director Dahlia Weinstein and Kim Easton, the executive director of Urban Peak, about how fashion can play a role in helping homeless youth.

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Photos: Drag queens and fashionistas at the Apocalyptic Ball

Crowds turned out at Tracks this weekend for the fifth annual Apocalyptic Ball, a fundraiser for the Colorado AIDS Project that combines drag queens -- including RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Delta Work -- and mini-fashion shows for a good cause. Photographer Eric Gruneisen brought back these images and more of all the fun and games.

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