Ten best comedy events in Denver in February

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February is winter's death rattle. The roads are sludgy, the calendar is wonky, and there's nothing to look forward to except Valentine's Day --which can often seem more of a solemn obligation than a holiday, anyway. Fortunately, a diverse range of comedy events should light up the otherwise bleak February entertainment landscape: comedian-produced shows with gross names like Tongue Stuff and Tits & Giggles; veteran acts like Paul Mooney, Norm MacDonald and Jeff Ross; and even the spectator sport of Olympics for Weirdos. In short, plenty of ways to keep you laughing until the sun comes back.

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Ten best comedy events in Denver this January

Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani
Any Denverite whose New Year's resolution was to laugh more has both admirably modest ambitions and a bounty of entertainment options this January. If you didn't resolve to laugh more, do it retroactively: Achievable goals build confidence. With exciting developments from Denver's two favorite local comedy troupes and visits from luminaries such as Aziz Ansari, Doug Stanhope and Kumail Najiani -- all of whom released hilarious standup specials last year -- January has comedy events to suit any and every taste.

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Ten best Denver hipster shops

Danielle Lirette
This week, we're covering all things hipster in Denver: best bars to run into them, best restaurants to eat with them, and now, best stores to shop with them. From do-it-yourself creative spaces, locally-made apparel, geeked-out workshops, and antique oddities, the Denver hipster scene is alive and well on all fronts.

Here are ten of Denver's best hipster-centric shops.

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The ten best comedy events in Denver this September

As their High Plains Comedy Festival hangovers fade, local comedy fans must look to the future after a game-changing August. Ironically, what lies ahead this month is firmly rooted in the past. We've got '90s sitcom stars, a slate of road-dog headliners, and two Saturday Night Live alums coming to Comedy Works -- one of whom is often still quite funny, and one of whom is Jon Lovitz.The main event however, is the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival, studded by a rare headlining set from the reclusive Dave Chappelle.

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Want to know where to go and what to do in Denver? Your essential mobile guide -- also known as our Best Of app -- just got better.

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The ten best shops on Sixth Avenue

All Photos by Byron Graham
While Sixth Avenue may be less celebrated than other Denver streets, the lineup of unique shops between Grant and Downing streets definitely make this strip one of the city's most convenient shopping areas. One of its most charming, too: The quirky specialty stores in historic brick bungalows and storefronts from every era are almost impossible to resist. Where else can you get an old-school barber shave, stock up on medical cannabis, shop for fly-fishing gear and get your dog groomed during a short walk? Unlike Broadway, its perpendicular cousin where seemingly half the storefronts are occupied by self-consciously kitschy antique stores, or parallel Colfax, with its long stretches of nothingness, Sixth Avenue has plenty to offer in a small stretch of space. Here, in no particular order, are the ten best shops on Sixth Avenue.

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The ten best stores on Tennyson Street

Tenn Street Coffee and Books
It's ironic that nearly all the businesses mentioned when we named Tennyson Street the best neighborhood shopping district in 2011 have left the block or closed their doors (see the link below), including some that were strangled by prolonged street construction in the heart of the district. But now that the street's been put back together, the new Tennyson is blossoming with both new and renewed businesses. Healthy commerce is returning to Tennyson, and here are ten reasons why.

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The ten best stores on Broadway

Jesse Dawson
Lowbrow's Tymla Welch and Lauren Seip.
We gave the Broadway/Baker retail strip the award for Denver's Best Neighborhood Shopping District two years in a row -- in 2012 and 2013 -- for so many good reasons: The area is spilling over with hip, modern creative ventures. But some of that contemporary spark flares further south, too, along Antique Row. Here are ten of our favorite local retailers on Broadway: Some are old, some are new, but every one of them rocks.

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Denver's five best comedy venues

John Mueller
While it's true that a venue can make or break the show regardless of the talent on stage, this is doubly true with comedy. Location, comfort level, atmosphere, drink prices and, yes, quality of performers all play a large role in whether a comedy fan will Google your location when making Saturday night plans. Fortunately, Denver has some great comedy venues. And while a couple on our list of the top five are not strictly comedy venues (some mix it up with theater, cinema and music programming), they are all places where not only do comics love to do shows, but comedy fans often appreciate more than just the talent on the bill.

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Denver's ten best comedy nights

We thought 2012 was a banner year for comedy in Denver -- but only three months into the new year, comics like Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland, Sam Tallent and Kristin Rand are setting the stage for this once-intimate scene to be blasted into national recognition. With so many great comedy nights already established -- and so many exciting new ones on the horizon -- assembling this list was like picking a favorite child. And while we've treasured the underground flavor that has for so long been the identity of the Denver comedy scene, the time has come to admit that some of these shows are getting too big for their britches -- which we hope is an omen of some larger comedy venues in the near future and not, God forbid, any of these talented standups leaving town for the bright horizons of the coasts.

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