Reverend Phil Discusses Bicycle Erotica and Watching Porn in Public
Reverend Phil, Founder of Bike Smut
Still shot from Bitchy Tutorial: Volume 1, one of the Bike Smut films.

Some people get off to porn, other people get down to BDSM role play. And then there are those people who are turned on by bicycles. Bike Smut is a collection of short erotic films that have everything to do with bikes. This DIY bicycle-themed festival has been traveling across the country for eight years now, showcasing the sexual fetishes of cyclists. Bike SMut pedals through Colorado November 8-12, with stops in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

Westword recently caught up with Reverend Phil Sano, founder of Bike Smut and an ordained minister with the Seattle Dead Baby Bike Club's Church of Bicycle Jesus, to talk more about those who get on their bikes to get off.

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Photos: Beer, Bikes and Outrageous Costumes at Tour de Fat Denver
Denver cyclists donned wacky outfits Saturday to ride in New Belgium Brewing's traveling Tour de Fat beerfest stopover in City Park. The day kicked off with a bike parade and ensuing festivities included contests, live music, a side-show performance by the Handsome Little Devils, a costume fashion show and overflowing suds. Photographer Ken Hamblin was there to snap these shots of the costumed revelers.

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Photos: The USA Pro Challenge Races Into a Fabulous Finale at Civic Center Park

After mastering a grueling and spectacular seven-stage route through scenic valleys and over mountain passes, the cyclists of the USA Pro Challenge 2014 rolled into town for an urban finale on Denver streets. Not surprisingly, U.S. cyclist Tejay Van Garderen rode away with the overall title for the second year in a row. All photos by Ken Hamblin.

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Preview: Ink Lounge gears up for the 2014 ARTCRANK Denver poster show

By Anne Ulku, for ARTCRANK Denver.
The traveling poster party ARTCRANK started in 2007 in Minneapolis and has grown to include several cities across the nation and even overseas locations like London and Paris. But Denver was the first city of that expansion, back in 2009, when founder Charles Youel, who'd been looking for a way to celebrate both the cycling community and the spirit of DIY design, saw our city for the design-savvy bike town that it is. And from the start, it's been a perfect fit. "This is not just for bike messengers or mountain bikers," Youel told Westword in 2010. "It's for anybody who's ever enjoyed the simple act of getting on a bike and traveling around the city."

Keep reading for a preview of ARTCRANK Denver 2014 posters and details about the show Saturday night.

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Work by Former Denver Artist FACARO Shines on True Blood

Categories: Art, Bicycling

Photo by Fabiola Torres Alzaga
Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has come a long way since Denver. The artist, who's now based in Los Angeles, goes by FACARO in the art world, where she's gained international acclaim. And one of her chandeliers made of bicycle parts was just featured in several episodes of the popular vampire series, True Blood.

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Denver native's used bicycles chandeliers have made her an international art star

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More cycling can result in more safety, according to UC Denver study

Categories: Bicycling

Denver Downtown Partnership
Heavier bike traffic can lead to fewer traffic collisions, according to a recent study by the University of Colorado at Denver. The study, though administered by UC Denver research students, focuses on Boulder, given that city's large cycling presence.

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Weekly city bike ride Loops celebrates six years, a website launch and global expansion

Categories: Bicycling, Events

Six years and hundreds of rides since its inception, Denver weekly bicycle meet-up, Loops, is bigger and better than ever. The free group ride meets every Tuesday rain or shine for a nighttime ride around the city, and organizer Broox Pulford says that as Denver's population grows, so does the interest in Loops.

This Saturday, June 28, Loops will celebrate its sixth anniversary with Pulford's version of an alleycat race followed by a big party and show featuring prizes, games and half a dozen local bands.

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Bike to Work Day features free breakfast and an after-hours party today

Categories: Bicycling

Britt Chester
Sunset on Bike to Work Day 2012.
Today is the nineteenth annual Bike to Work Day, and registered riders, while reveling in the health benefits and environmental awareness that the event fosters, can also score some free food at Civic Center Park during their trek -- and then party with other wheeler-dealers at the end of the day.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Brad K. Evans

Brad K. Evans, "Starkiss," stencil.
#79: Brad K. Evans

Brad K. Evans is a different kind of leader, one who casts a skewed entrepreneurial light upon all his pursuits -- of which there are many. And he does it all with a sense of humor and adventure. Artist, designer, dumpster diver, realtor and bike advocate, Evans is probably best known as the mastermind of the Denver Cruiser Ride, a weekly Wednesday night bike and bar crawl with costumes that attracts as many detractors as it does diehard fans. Regardless of where you stand on the cruiser-ride issue, Evans, who works with the authorities to establish safety rules for the hundreds of riders who show up for DCR's Denver Bike Night, is someone we all ought to know. Get acquainted by way of his 100CC questionnaire.

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The Denver Cruiser Ride 2014 hits the road tonight with a block party on wheels

Denver Cruiser Ride big wheel Brad Evans continues to find ways to keep the weekly, costumed bike crawl on a roll. So when the first ride of 2014 -- with a "Reds and Robes" theme -- starts tonight at five bar locations, the shared destination will be a bona fide block party at the locus of 14th and Champa streets, given the green light by the partnering Denver Theatre District.

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