Andrew Flack on I Go on Singing: Paul Robeson's Life in His Words and Songs
Director donnie l. betts, pianist Jodel Charles and baritone Anthony Brown.
"What do you know about Paul Robeson?" internationally renowned baritone Anthony Brown asked writer Andrew Flack a few years back. "I know a little, but show me your notes," Flack responded. It was New Year's Eve, and the two men began talking about Robeson's life, his music, his political struggles and how he was taken down by the powers-that-be. "Maybe we could work together to make a piece," Flack said, signing on to script the project. The result, I Go On Singing: Paul Robeson's Life in His Words and Songs, directed by donnie l. betts and starring Brown, opens Friday, February 28, at the Aurora Fox Arts Center. Westword recently spoke with Flack about Robeson's legacy and writing the script for the production.

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Locomotive of Dreams takes you back in time at the Colorado Railroad Museum

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Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days celebrates the life of athlete Jesse Owens


Black History Month wouldn't be complete without an installment of donnie l. betts's Black Radio Days, the live radio show that picks up where the first nationwide African-American radio drama, produced in Chicago by Richard Durham more than sixty years ago, left off. That boundary-breaking program, Destination Freedom, dramatized the lives of great figures in African-American history; betts now continues in its spirit with all-new scripts.

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