Photos: A Stunt Show to the Death at Tennyson's Tap

Walking on hot coals? Swallowing fire? Sticking a pair of scissors down your throat? It's all in a day's work for a side show attraction. Last Friday night, the daring circus freaks of the Oh No Variety Show and the Faded Freakshow went mano a mano in a contest of weird skills for an audience blessed with strong stomachs. Photographer Marissa Shevins was there to capture every last macabre move; read on for a tiny taste of what went down.

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Photos: The Amazing Acro-Cats Rock and Roll at the Bug Theatre

Feline-o-philes of all ages purr with joy whenever the Amazing Acro-Cats slink into town because, you know -- cats playing guitars and riding skateboards and stuff. Animal trainer Samantha Martin has parked her cat bus in front of the Bug Theatre for a run of performances inside, continuing Thursdays through Sundays through August 10. Here's a taste of what to expect if you go, courtesy of photographer Ken Hamblin.

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June was a bad month for elephants in Colorado -- and not just the political kind

Bodhi is one of several elephants living at the Denver Zoo.
This will be a bad week for some of the elephants in Colorado's Grand Old Party: three of the four candidates -- Tom Tancredo, Mike Kopp, Bob Beauprez and Scott Gessler -- running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination will be sitting on the sidelines after Tuesday's primary, while one will get to charge ahead toward November.

But June was a bad month for real elephants in Colorado, too, the ones not involved in politics. Although bison are this state's largest and most storied native mammal, elephants have have a 150-year-old connection to Colorado as well.

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Handsome Little Devils bring Squirm Burpee Circus to Lone Tree

Courtesy of LTAC
The circus from town is coming to town! The Squirm Burpee Circus: A Vaudevillian Melodrama features Denver's own Handsome Little Devils Productions. Starting October 16, this troupe will be offering its memorizing cirque/vaudevillian act at the Lone Tree Arts Center. "We call it a vaudevillian melodrama," says Mike Huling, actor and artistic director of HLDP. "Essentially, the melodrama part is really cartoony, and the story-telling moves pretty fast, it's playful and fun." The vaudeville part includes juggling chainsaws and knocking roses out of people's mouths with whips -- highly skilled acts.

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Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna brings a mystical island ruled by the Moon to the Pepsi Center

Photo: Yannick Déry Costumes: Mérédith Caron © 2012 Cirque du Soleil
Want to take a trip to a mystical island that is ruled by the Moon? You only have to go as far the Pepsi Center parking lot for this adventure, because the latest Cirque Du Soleil traveling show, Amaluna, opens there tonight. Celebrating its one-year anniversary -- which is young for a Cirque show -- Amaluna has stopped in Colorado on its tour across the country, which has been mystifying audiences with high energy, acrobatic feats that help tell the story as two people from other worlds fight for their love.

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Photos: Cirque Du Soleil raises its tent in the Pepsi Center parking lot

Categories: Circus!, Events

Philip Poston
Yesterday on the Pepsi Center grounds, Cirque Du Soleil raised its blue and yellow Big Top tent in advance of its latest show, Amaluna, which debuts on July 18.

The Big Top is nineteen meters high and has a diameter of 51 meters. It will be secured to the ground with 550 pegs. Once it is completely set up on the inside and outside -- a process that takes eight days -- the tent will be able to seat more than 2,600 people complete with a plush VIP section and air conditioning.

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Revolution Circus invites you to "join the circus and run the fuck away from home!"

Categories: Circus!, Nightlife

Has the calm before the edible storm that is Thanksgiving got you down in the dumps? Revolution Circus, a huge compendium of bands, freaks, sideshow acts, burlesque girls, body painters, acrobats, tatto artists, belly dancers, hoopers and other circusy things will take over City Hall for a many-leveled, single night of wild abandon that might just turn your mood around. Sometimes, it's good to get weird.

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Cole Schneider of Handsome Little Devils on scaling down Squirm...and magic!

It's been a busy sixteen months for Handsome Little Devils. In October 2011, the vaudevillian comedy troupe took its Squirm Burpee Circus act -- a blend of acrobatics, juggling and juggling -- to Broadway, enjoying a successful run at the New Victory Theatre and getting positive reviews in such little local pubs as the New York Times. The crew capitalized on the exposure, touring the production to other venues and picking up some tips from Broadway pros along the way.

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Video: Cirque du Soleil Dralion juggler visits Westword

It had been far too long since any literal juggling was done in the Westword conference room, so when the offer came down to see Cirque du Soleil Dralion juggler Vladik Miagkostupov perform in person, we welcomed it with open, uncoordinated arms.

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Photos: P.T. Barnum's Feejee Mermaid and other oddities from Circus Emporium

Categories: Circus!, Photos

The Multi-Headed Goose, Circus Emporium Roadshow.

There are circuses, and then there are circuses. For what that's worth, Circus Emporium, which brings its roadshow and Museum of Oddities to 3 Kings Tavern tonight, falls into the latter, more overtly gruesome category. Here are a few of our favorite oddities from the sideshow, direct from Coney Island.

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