Moxie U offers eclectic classes for art enthusiasts

Photos courtesy of Moxie U
Students paint from a distance at a Moxie U class.
From unconventional drawing workshops to lectures on what is real, Moxie U is redefining school. Founded by Rebecca Vaughan and Susan Stites, two former employees of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, the new organization offers a variety of classes for people who want to learn something new without enrolling in a degree-geared program. "We want to provide something that people are able to access that they've never had access to before," Vaughan says.

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Crafting Yourself: CU Denver students create a creative program for kids

Categories: Classes, Crafts

The students behind Crafting Yourself aren't all that much older than the six-graders their after-school program is designed to help. As part of the University Honors and Leadership program at the University of Colorado Denver, five senior scholars were given a year-long assignment to create a sustainable, innovative and creative project. They decided to bring arts and crafts back to eleven- and twelve-year-old children who do not currently have an arts program at school, and lack financial resources to fund their own involvement in the arts.

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Help spread the WordLove: A motivational tour gains steam in Denver

Categories: Benefits, Classes

Brandi Shigley and Sahar Pazirandeh first met on a dance floor at Dazzle -- they liked each other's moves, Shigley says, and that started a friendship that was fed by their shared fervor for entrepreneurship and positive consciousness-raising. Meanwhile, Shigley -- a member of the first class of Westword MasterMinds -- continued to build her Fashion Denver business and, more recently, her Do What You Love, Love What You Do workshops, while Pazirandeh, an Iranian émigré who'd spent a locked-down childhood under fundamentalist rule, worked to create her Free Your Star Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to matching teens with jobs in the fashion industry for school credit.

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"Meet Here" at the Denver Art Museum will be a meeting of the creative minds Friday

Courtesy of DAM
You may never create a masterpiece worthy of hanging, but the Denver Art Museum is giving you the chance to help create something that could be displayed in the facility next year. On Friday, November 8, DAM will host "Meet Here: An Evening of Untitled Idea Brewing and Creative Criss-Cross," a brainstorming event where the community can help curate the DAM's 2014 Untitled series.

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From sugar skull decorating to crocheting, Share Denver invites you to share crafty knowledge

Categories: Classes, Crafts

Share ideas and talents at Share Denver.
Share Denver is a community space dedicated to learning how to do new things -- from crocheting to small-business accounting. Founders Becky Hensley and Anne Davidson not only share their own crafty knowledge, but invite members of the community to do the same, resulting in an array of classes catering to diverse interests. "I had this dream that there would be like a space where people could come do craft project and it not be anything specific -- like only textile crafts -- but anything and everything you could possibly imagine," Hensley says.

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University of Colorado Denver hosts a free Mini School for the Humanities, starting tonight

From Chad Kautzer
Professor Chad Kautzer will lecture on justice.
College is expensive -- we all know that -- but we also know there's an exception to every rule. And this exception is indeed exceptional: The University of Colorado Denver, in association with the Anschutz Medical Campus Graduate School, will be hosting a Mini School for the Humanities today through November 20, with free classes every Wednesday. It's a variation on UCD's award-winning Mini Med School.
The goal of this new mini-school is "to make people aware of the humanities and their importance," says Inge Wefes, associate dean of CU Denver/Anschutz Graduate School. The program has generated a lot of interest in high schools and among undergraduates, she notes, as well as with senior citizens.

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Comedian Kelsie Huff is alive and kicking and at the Boulder Fringe Festival

From Huff's Facebook page
Looks like Kelsie Huff will be just as funny in the afterlife as she is in her real life. "My tombstone will read: Kelsie Huff. Not buried here. We decided to go in another direction," she said in her Twitter feed last week.

Huff hails from Chicago, where she's a member of the prestigious Second City troupe. But she's no stranger to Colorado, and will be returning here to perform at the Boulder International Fringe Festival that starts September 18 and runs through September 29.

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Journal your way into a new artwork with Theresa Anderson at PlatteForum

A chapter in Theresa Anderson's journal.
Artist Theresa Anderson is also a writer, so it's no surprise that when she journals, she documents the development of ideas both personal and artistic. Using found objects, Xerox transfers, various art mediums and even a needle and thread, Anderson sketches her way into finished works, all between the pages of what is an evolving work of art itself.

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Comedian Sam Tallent to teach improv class at Deer Pile on Sunday

Categories: Classes, Comedy, DIY

Sam Tallent's Skills for the Stage class is this Sunday.
Denver comedian Sam Tallent has been a rising star in the standup scene over the last few years, hosting The Squire open mic and performing as part of the Fine Gentleman's Club at the comedy quartet's wildly popular Wednesday night show, Too Much Fun. Still, many fans may not know that Tallent's talents are firmly rooted in improv comedy. A graduate of the Bovine Theater with years of unscripted comedy under his belt, Tallent is going to be sharing his knowledge of improv during his new eight-week course, Skills for the Stage, which begins this Sunday at Deer Pile. We recently sat down with Tallent to discuss the improv industry, why he switched to standup, and how his years of improv still inform his standup comedy.

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Fox Art School inspires creativity through puppetry and fashion-themed summer camps

Categories: Art, Classes, Family

When Sarah Fox began Fox Art School in 2010, she wanted to fill what she saw as a hole in the arts community. "I have a background in art education and I was really missing it," says Fox, who at that point had taken some time off from teaching art -- which she had been doing in Colorado and Oklahoma since 1995. "I started to look around at what different art opportunities there were for kids in Denver, and seeing if there was something that would be a good fit for me -- and I was really surprised."

The surprise was the lack of immersive arts programs geared towards school-age children. That inspired Fox, herself an artist who also works in advertising, to create Fox Art School, a small effort involving a partnership with Space Gallery, which houses the one-of-a-kind, week-long seasonal camps.

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