Sands Theatre in Brush makes the leap into the digital age with a new film projector

Anthony Camera.
Joe Machetta, owner and operator of the Sands Theatre since the late 1950s.
The new projector that Joe Machetta has been waiting for has finally arrived. The owner of the Sands -- focus of the cover story "Can the Sands Theatre survive digital conversion?" -- was looking at a questionable future for the movie house he's been running in Brush since 1958. But with the helping hand of local nonprofit Downtown Colorado Inc. and its Save Our Screens campaign and the robust support of the Brush community, the Sands recently made the pricey conversion to a digital cinema projection system. And now the lights will stay on.

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The ten best comedy events in Denver this July

Robyn Von Swank/ IFC

July, with its sweltering afternoons and late evening sunsets, is filled with a kind of sun-dappled shapelessness; its days were once described by Ada Louise Huxtable as "jeweled balm for the battered spirit."

Balming the battered is also a standup comedian's job description, and this month promises a healing wave of laughs washing over our arid city, featuring seasoned chortle-mongers from across the country. From one-night only theater appearances by sitcom stars to comedy nerd heroes at local clubs, battered spirits from across the spectrum of comedy fandom will find plenty of opportunities to laugh in air-conditioned comfort.

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Local filmmaker Scout Wise talks about her CPT12 film debut tonight

Comic Nathan Lund plays Stan in Scout Wise's Stan Needs a Maid.
Though it has been a few years since filmmaker Scout Wise produced her silent film Stan Needs a Maid, the Denver native is proudly part of a group of once-student filmmakers who will be showcasing their work tonight on CPT 12. Now working in the Bay Area as an associate producer on documentary films, Wise credits the UC Denver's film program for giving her the skills and real-life experience she needed to start her career in movie-making.

In advance of Stan Needs a Maid's local television debut tonight, Wise talked with Westword about what it takes to make a movie on a student budget and how she landed local comedian Nathan Lund as the lead role in a story loosely based on the filmmaker's own dad.

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Local sci-fi web series The Inner Dimension to premiere at Denver Comic Con

Three people get lost in a strange new world where mystery and danger abound. In the process of figuring out how to return home to the real world, they will uncover a secret that puts the fate of not just the planet, but perhaps the entire universe, at stake. That's the premise of The Inner Dimension, a locally produced web series that's launching this weekend at Denver Comic Con.

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Rhinoceropolis becomes a life-size diorama to house art and music for Fantasia 2014

A look at Rhinoceropolis as it transforms into an aquarium world for Fantasia 2014.
For this year's edition of Fantasia 2014, Colin Ward says he was moved to action by the urban environment he experiences every day.

"For years I've been diehard passionate about the world kind of waking up -- I believe that there are so many bad decisions being made with the design of cities," says the artist, musician and one of many collaborators behind this art and music gathering. "Urban environments are boring; whoever is in charge of these shared physical spaces -- it's like we're walking around in someone else's program."

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World Football Film Festival kicks off in Denver in June

Denver Film Society
Scene from Next Goal Wins.
Just in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Denver Film Society and America SCORES Denver are teaming up with the Three Lions pub and SOCCER ELECTRIC to hold Denver's first annual World Football Film Festival.

The festival, which is set for June 5 to June 8 at the Sie FilmCenter, will show eight to ten films focusing on soccer (not, not American football), with everything from family-friendly movies to documentaries.

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One Day in Denver: It's a wrap!

On April 26, professional and amateur filmmakers alike joined in the "One Day in Denver" project, part of "One Day on Earth: Your Day. Your City. Your Future." During this participatory media event, they documented the answers to ten questions on the future of Denver; meanwhile, filmmakers in eleven other U.S. cities did the same.

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Local filmmakers tackle Magic: The Gathering in Planeswalkers documentary

Planeswalkers aims to illuminate the Magic: The Gathering subculture.
With more than ten million players worldwide, a twenty-year history and a tournament circuit that awards hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to the top players, it's fair to say that Magic: The Gathering is a juggernaut in the gaming industry. Despite that, it's never garnered the same kind of attention lavished on other gaming phenomenons like World of Warcraft, perhaps due to the complex nature of the game and the insularity of its community. Local production company Broken Science Productions aims to change that with Planeswalkers, a feature-length documentary that digs deep into the game and the people who play it. Before the film premieres in May, we sat down to talk about the film with producers Ray and Vince Cruz and director Karen Cruz.

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One Day in Denver invites filmmakers to document the city for a collective film

On April 26, filmmakers across the city are invited to take part in One Day in Denver. Novice camera-phone auteurs and skilled movie-makers alike will be capturing their unique perspectives on Denver and then submitting the footage to the multi-faceted documentary project. The project is a spin-off of One Day on Earth, a 2010 project involving films from thousands of participants around the world; Denver is one of eleven U.S. cities putting together its own metro version of One Day.

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Women + Film Voices Film Festival showcases four films with a Colorado connection

Work from photographer Suzanne Heintz's documentary short Playing House.
The fourth annual Women + Film Voices Film Festival opens tonight at the Sie FilmCenter with a diverse array of documentaries, comedies, features and short films all centered on women. This fest has grown in both scope and attendance over its run at the Sie, becoming known as a showcase of stories about women and told by women from all over the world. And for the first time ever, four of the films in this year's lineup involve subjects and filmmakers with Colorado ties. In advance of the festival opening, founder and event producer Tammy Brislin sat down with Westword to give the inside story on these Colorado-proud works.

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