Reader: As good as the craft beer is in Denver, that's how terrible its roller coasters are

Twister II at Elitch Gardens.
Summer is fast approaching, and that means metro Denver's two big amusement parks are now open on weekends. But comparing the two can be a bumpy ride, as we discovered when Byron Graham wrote about his favorite, Elitch Gardens, while Bree Davies defended the charms of Lakeside Amusement Park -- and then readers weighed in with their opinions on both of them....

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Three worst Star Trek films -- Scotty says "eff you!"

Don't eff with Scotty -- he'll beam you somewhere you won't like.
In a recent interview with Mike Ryan of The Huffington Post, Simon Pegg said "f*ck you!" to a bunch of Las Vegas Star Trek convention fans who ranked Star Trek: Into Darkness as the worst Trek movie ever. Pegg, who plays Scotty in the franchise reboots and clearly disagreed that the newest Trek movie was the worst, told Ryan: "It absolutely isn't the worst Star Trek movie. It's asinine, you know? It's ridiculous. And frustrating. To be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass f---ing ire, I just say f--- you."

Pegg didn't mention which Trek films were the worst (way to stay mostly classy, Simon), but we have no problem picking up right where he left off. Here are the three worst Star Trek films -- and Star Trek: Into Darkness didn't even come close to making this list.

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Reader: "Serious" bikers are the most selfish pieces of human garbage on earth

Thumbnail image for cruiser bike.jpg
Yesterday's snow put a damper on Earth Day festivities and sent would-be cyclists back inside. And while they were there, one reader discovered Josiah Hesse's screed from last summer on why cruiser bikes suck.

He didn't appreciate it.

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Reader: Prince Harry should drink craft beer and smoke a joint at Red Rocks

Thumbnail image for prince-harry_2316708b.jpg
Prince Harry is coming to Colorado in May, and Jenn Wohletz has several suggestions for what his Royal Hineyness should do while he's in this state. So do our readers, and their ideas are a hit list of some of Colorado's favorite things.

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Reader: Don't remember the Alamo for Best of Denver award

Alamo Drafthouse made a big splash when it opened last month in Littleton. Fans of the Texas chain's other locations, we even gave it a Best of Denver Award for Best Movie Theater -- Food/Drink, one of over 170 awards in just the Arts & Entertainment section alone.

But one reader thinks this particular award stinks.

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Reader: It wasn't cute to vandalize the Big Blue Bear

big blue bear green.jpg
"I See What You Mean" goes green.
One of Denver's most beloved pieces of public art, "I See What You Mean," better known as the Big Blue Bear, got hit by a big smear of green paint over the weekend.

There have been other pranks involving Lawrence Argent's sculpture of a giant bear peering inside the Colorado Convention Center -- but few involved actual vandalism.

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Reader: I wasn't disappointed by On the Road

sam riley garrett hedlund.jpg
Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund are On the Road.
For fifty years, fans of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, an ecstatic recount of crossings and recrossings of North America in the late 1940s that provided a road map for the Beat generation, have been waiting for a movie of the book. Fans in Denver have a particularly interest: Muse Dean Moriarity was based on Neal Cassidy, a reform-school kid who grew up on the streets of Denver -- and is memorialized here in a letter he sent to a pal asking him to clear his bill at Paul's Place, today My Brother's Bar.

Now there's finally a movie of On the Road, but in his review, Nick Pinkerton suggests it would have been better to keep waiting.

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Reader: "Ten signs your Colorado man might not be man enough" was pretty sexist

broncos man .jpg
Britt Chester
Denver has earned the nickname Menver -- for its abundance of fit, healthy and attractive men. But are they manly enough? On Monday, Kate Gibbons offered ten danger signs that your date might not be man enough for you -- and some readers didn't appreciate her tongue-in-cheek tips.

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Reader: Most papers have an editorial section; Westword has Lisa Frank's diary

Dear Diary: Both Josiah Hesse and Bree Davies had tough weeks. Adam Carolla called Hesse an "asshole" from the stage of the Paramount because of an earlier interview Hesse had done with the comic; Bree got hit with snow because, well, because she lives in Colorado.

And they both got a blizzard of complaints about the pieces they wrote about these injustices.

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Reader: Bree whining about snow makes me laugh! Go to Wisconsin

ugg boots big.jpg
Ugg boots? For Bree Davies, that's the best thing to come out of winter in Colorado. "Digging cars out of the snow, getting stranded for days inside my own house, standing in the cold waiting to get into a show, a movie or a restaurant -- these are all things I look forward to never doing again," she writes in Breeality Bites. "Being in the snow or cold willingly? I try not to at all costs."

But most readers do not share her sentiments.

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