Twelve Holiday Markets for Last-Minute Shopping in Denver

Buy an ornament and say so long to Blake Street Glass on December 13 and 14.
It's never too late to find everything from local fashion to goat-cheese pastries, so don't lose hope if you haven't finished your shopping. Read on for a list of the best places to do it in style.

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Five Creative Businesses That Got a Boost at the Horseshoe Market

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Rachael Grace Photography
Fall 2013 Horseshoe Market.

The Horseshoe Market, Denver's premier indie craft and vintage market, is gearing up for its fifth year with the first of four markets this weekend. Amy and Doug Yetman founded the indie market back in 2010 out of a desire to bring the community together in search of "creative gems." But it's turned into much more: According to Amy, it's become a "business incubator" for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and has helped kick start several local ventures. Here are five of the businesses that have used the Horseshoe Market as a launching pad.

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Sheila Hydle will help you fuse with your inner artist at Glassateria

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Sheila Hydle embarked on her new venture after the death of her father. "I wanted to use my inheritance to start something I'm passionate about," she explains. "I decided to do something different. Glass-cutting was the first thing that I felt passionate about. If my dad was here, I would still be in corporate America and unhappy."

But instead, she opened Glassateria, a studio that allows customers to become artists by working on their own glass-fusion project. "I love helping people feel creative and providing a place for them to let go of logic," Hydle says. "You can manipulate glass, but you can't control it."

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Get your craft on with Share Denver at Friday's Etsy "Recapture" Craft Party

Categories: Crafts, Events

Courtesy of Share Denver.
Share Denver will be teaching how to embellish photographs at Friday night's gathering.
For supreme crafter Becky Hensley, the best thing about doing work by hand is not knowing everything about a chosen artform. "A big part of Share Denver's philosophy is that you probably know how to do something and that thing you know how to do is probably something I want to know how to do," says Hensley. "If you are interested in sharing that information and you like to teach or get better at what you do, we encourage you to come to Share Denver and teach."

This Friday, June 6, Share Denver has partnered with Etsy for "Recapture," an evening dedicated to using embroidery to bring vintage photographs to life. In the process, the event will bring novice and expert crafters together to have fun and get to know each other through something as simple as a shared interest.

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Celebrate "Colorado Craftsy Day" with free classes on today

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A look inside the Craftsy studio.
In the social network age, it's easier than ever to take on new hobbies, thanks in part to online communities like Colorado-based, which offers streamlined instructions on the web. To celebrate its third anniversary, today the website is giving away all the lessons it typically charges for today.

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Another 100 Colorado Creatives: Becky Wareing-Steele

Becky Wareing-Steele, "The Adventure of Henri & Evelyn -- Vegas Vacation."
#93: Becky Wareing-Steele

Becky Wareing-Steele lives in a world of miniatures, where tiny figures and creatures go about their lives inside tiny bottles and jars and whimsical lockets, and even among the jagged crystals of cracked-open geodes. Her crafting career started with a button-making machine and worked its way into diorama-building; now Wareing-Steele's growing family of miniatures, under the moniker of Becky's Buttons, have become sought-after collectibles at local craft shows and boutiques. How does the world look from outside of those tiny bubbles? Wareing-Steele shared her big picture in the following 100CC questionnaire.

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Crafting Yourself: CU Denver students create a creative program for kids

Categories: Classes, Crafts

The students behind Crafting Yourself aren't all that much older than the six-graders their after-school program is designed to help. As part of the University Honors and Leadership program at the University of Colorado Denver, five senior scholars were given a year-long assignment to create a sustainable, innovative and creative project. They decided to bring arts and crafts back to eleven- and twelve-year-old children who do not currently have an arts program at school, and lack financial resources to fund their own involvement in the arts.

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Spacecraft, the creative-reuse store, holding a Photo Ball fundraiser Saturday

Categories: Crafts, DIY

Photos courtesy of Leanne Alaman
Spacecraft creates art out of donated, reused materials.
Spacecraft opened in February as a place where companies and individuals could donate used materials to be repurposed into art. "The mission is about providing easy access to sustainability, giving people a way to make a difference that's fun and doesn't require that they change their entire lifestyle," says founder Leanne Alaman. As part of the fun, Spacecraft is holding a Photo Ball fundraiser for the shop on Saturday, March 15, where guests can have professional pictures taken against backdrops made out of reused materials.

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Mike McNamara on quilting, AIDS and imperfection

Categories: Crafts, GLBTQ

Mike McNamara
Quilter Mike "Mac" McNamara prides himself on his emotionally evocative and often asymmetrical quilts.
The modern quilt world's obsession with straight lines and symmetry rubs quilter Mike "Mac" McNamara the wrong way; he never cared for prescribed patterns. His emotionally evocative quilts reflect on life's biggest issues: desire, grief, politics and childlike wonder. Often as humorous as they are critical, his quilts are gifts of love for another person. McNamara's cartoonish, homoerotic quilt "Stand Back--He's Mine!" is currently on display at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum; Westword recently spoke with McNamara about his life as a quilter.

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David Charity addresses hunger, human trafficking and other social issues through quilts

Categories: Art, Crafts

David Charity poses with three of his social-issue quilts.
"These aren't your grandmother's quilts," said Marcie Emily, docent at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, while leading a tour through MANifestations, the twelfth biennial exhibition of quilts made by men. As she walked by each quilt, she discussed techniques, the price of the fabric, and which were hand-sewn and which machine-made. When she arrived at three black-and-white quilts with stark, violent lines and graffiti stenciled on the fabric, she froze; these quilts make her nervous. Looking more like Soviet agitprop than Amish crafts, one depicted a slave, another a starving child and the third a woman chained to a bed. Describing quilter David Charity's intent, Emily stumbled over the words "sexual exploitation," and then assured the group that despite the violent images, the artist was a warm and charming man and very good at explaining his own work. So Westword took the cue and talked to Charity about social issues, art, craft and gender in the quilting world.

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