Geek Fuel Wants to Fill Your Mailbox with Geeky Goodness

Geeks have a tendency to self-segregate into little geeky ghettos -- Star Wars fans over here, Lord of the Rings devotees over there -- and that makes it really easy to miss out on some cool shit. If you're suffering from the effects of this self-imposed exile and would like to embrace new worlds of nerdy adventure -- and also have reason to occasionally check your mailbox -- a subscription to Geek Fuel might be just the thing.

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Denver Zoo offers buy-one, get-one admission February 14-17 in honor of Valentine's Day

Denver Zoo Facebook
This week's cover story, "Beauty of the Beasts," is all about the matchmakers who help zoo animals find love. Or at least another animal to, you know, mate with. And some animals have a strange way of doin' it, as explained in our sidebar about weird mating habits. (Did you know male giraffes will lick female giraffes' urine to tell if they're ovulating?)

For a chance to see the, uh, romance in person, head to the Denver Zoo this weekend for a buy-one, get-one-free deal on admission in honor of Valentine's Day.

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Furloughed? Here's a list of deals for out-of-work feds, from restaurants to museums

Cassandra Kotnik
Centro Latin Kitchen, one of the participating Big Red F restaurants, is giving furloughed workers a welcome break.
Federal employees furloughed by the government shutdown are getting a welcome break right now from a few companies in the Denver-area who are sympathetic to their plight. These are in the form of everything from free museum admission to discounted booze and food.

Here's the breakdown:

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The Denver County Fair online ticket store is open for business -- with early-bird pricing!

It's time to gear up for the third annual Denver County Fair, which is aiming to make its trifecta year the best ever. Got a cherry pie to die for? An elegantly stitched quilt? A hen that struts like nobody's business? You have until midnight on July 26 to enter competitions; visit the website for categories, instructions and details.

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Westword Music Showcase: Sign up for Voice Daily Deals today to get discounted tickets

Categories: Deals, Events

Sign up for Voice Daily Deals by 10 p.m. tonight to get your discounted tickets for Showcase.

The nineteenth annual Westword Music Showcase is coming up fast. If you've already snagged your tickets, good on you! Obviously you know what's cracking, which is why we just know you're going to jump on this like a fat guy on free pizza. Tomorrow through Sunday, you can get GA tickets for 25 percent off and VIP tickets for 33 percent off through our Voice Daily Deals. Pick one up for your buddy, or if you haven't gotten yours yet, here's your chance. To get in on action, you just need to sign up for Voice Daily Deals by 10 p.m. tonight.

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Pay what you can tonight for Dangerous Theatre's kinky Lysistrata

Categories: Deals, Sex, Theater

In Denver, we have theater for all tastes -- and if yours runs to the risque, we've got that, too. Denver's Dangerous Theatre fills that niche with, er, cheek and, often, laugh-out-loud panache.

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Take home a treasure from Access Gallery's 99 Pieces of Art on the Wall fundraiser

Categories: Art, Benefits, Deals

Matt Sesow-11.jpg
Matt Sesow
Do you like your art small? If so, VSA Arts/Access Gallery is the place to be this Friday night, when works less than a foot square will be available for purchase at a 99 Pieces of Art on the Wall fundraiser. The art is not just all over the wall, but all over the place: Some is by teachers and some by the VSA Arts students, who live with disabilities but still express themselves in fabulous ways. And some, maybe a lot, of the little art is by local artists with names you'll likely recognize.

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The Book of Mormon: Twenty reasons you've got to see it, courtesy the cast and crew

If you are one of the lucky people who snagged a ticket to The Book of Mormon's first stop on its national tour before the Denver run sold out in under four hours, pat yourself on the back. If not, get in line now -- or at least get ready. As we announced yesterday, the Mormon producers have established a lottery for the show, which runs August 14 through September 2 at the Ellie; before each performance, 24 previously luckless fans will be able to snatch up $25 tickets. And if the obvious reasons -- the show's creators (and South Park maestros) Matt Stone and Trey Parker are Colorado natives, and the musical boasts awards out the wazoo -- aren't enough reason for you to get in line, Westword sat down with the cast and creators yesterday and came away with an entire list. Click through for twenty insights gleaned from the people behind the scenes.

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Style Strike bags fashion fans with its first episode

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
The crew films an interview next to the style board.
Style Strike debuted yesterday in the plaza of the Denver Pavilions. In this home-grown reality show, host Samuel Schimek -- of the I Heart Denver store in the Pavilions -- chooses audience members with old, out-of-style accessories to "strike" and replace with new items that are actually in "style."

Every Wednesday through August 15, the Pavilions will feature a new Style Strike, focusing on different kinds of accessories. Yesterday, three lucky winners took home brand-new, trendy bags -- and I received free movie tickets just for showing up!
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Denver Cash Mob at I Heart Denver store tonight

First Cash Mob Group.jpg
Denver's first cash mob meets at the Capitol.
Flash mobs are so yesterday. Get ready for cash mobs! Rather than inciting a riot or inspiring a funky dance, these mobs encourage people to throw money at local businesses. As Samuel Schimek, who will be hosting the first installment of Style Strike at the Denver Pavilions at noon today, explains cash mobs, they're "people who like local businesses and want to support them" -- and descend en masse on those businesses. From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. tonight, Cash Mob Denver will descend on Schimek's business: the I Heart Denver store on Level 2 of the Pavilions.

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