Movie Night at Glob Hosts Colorado Filmmakers This Thursday

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John Golter
Open your eyes to fresh takes on film at this special local showcase.
On any given night in Denver, a film lover has a wide array of movies -- from mainstream fare, to art-house curiosities and even classic repertory -- to choose from. Still, local filmmakers have to work hard to get their visions out into the world when they haven't been blessed with big budgets or massive film festival recognition. Very often these visions come in short form or in pieces in need of a peek to see how they play and might fit into a bigger picture or improve a filmmaker's next work.

John Golter, mastermind of the DIY space Glob, knows this struggle very well for all artists, but has a soft spot for the filmmakers, and has created a home for Denver's cinema babies with his monthly Movie Night at Glob series. Since its 2013 debut, Movie Night at Glob has screened the works of dozens of Colorado filmmakers and this Thursday, January 29, the series has a few more auteurs to add to the roster.

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RiNo Is Not an Artistic Wasteland -- But What If the City Had a Hand in Keeping It Affordable?

A section of Brighton Boulevard in the River North district.
If you've spent any time on Brighton Boulevard in the last few years, then you know there's art happening there. A lot, actually. Since it opened almost a decade ago, Rhinoceropolis and its neighboring venue, Glob, have put hundreds of bands, performances, festivals and films before all-ages crowds in Denver. And there are dozens of other venues and gallery spaces in RiNo that continue to support the arts. But as in many other areas in this city, when the art and music isn't happening in venues that have been commodified and legitimized, they are treated as invisible. This isn't all bad, though; it works to the advantage of the venues, as DIY spaces are often run in an under-the-radar capacity.

Denver recently put out a call asking for input on creating live/work spaces for artists
in the River North area where these DIY art spaces (and many other venues that have come and gone over the years) exist, I was a little bit annoyed. I felt like the area was being treated as a "discovery" by Denver officials -- when arts enthusiasts had discovered it long ago.

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Twelve Holiday Markets for Last-Minute Shopping in Denver

Buy an ornament and say so long to Blake Street Glass on December 13 and 14.
It's never too late to find everything from local fashion to goat-cheese pastries, so don't lose hope if you haven't finished your shopping. Read on for a list of the best places to do it in style.

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Staycation House/Gallery Show Wants Your Domestic Self-Portait Submissions

Categories: DIY, Visual Arts

Residents of Boulder's Goss House invite submissions for their upcoming house/Gallery show.
When artists and roommates Laura Conway and Anna Winter started talking about curating their own gallery show in their home, it was crucial to challenge the traditional format of a place for art. "While subverting the white wall gallery model isn't new, we wanted to experiment in our own alternative space -- where behavior isn't orchestrated in such a prescribed manner as a gallery," says Conway.

Together, the friends came up with Staycation, a literal in-house exhibition of all mediums of art that will debut on December 6. They're currently accepting submissions for the show; installations, sculptural work, paintings, photography, film and video and performance-based work are all welcome. The idea is for artists to submit pieces that are like self-portraits, but are not limited to representations of a person's face or body.

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Five Creative Businesses That Got a Boost at the Horseshoe Market

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Rachael Grace Photography
Fall 2013 Horseshoe Market.

The Horseshoe Market, Denver's premier indie craft and vintage market, is gearing up for its fifth year with the first of four markets this weekend. Amy and Doug Yetman founded the indie market back in 2010 out of a desire to bring the community together in search of "creative gems." But it's turned into much more: According to Amy, it's become a "business incubator" for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and has helped kick start several local ventures. Here are five of the businesses that have used the Horseshoe Market as a launching pad.

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When in Reykjavík -- or Denver: Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir on the Art of Yarn Storming

Helgi Eiríkur Eyjólfsson,
Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir decorating a pole with yarn.
Yarnbombing or yarn storming, as it's called in places like the UK and Iceland, is an international revolution; here in Denver, the Ladies Fancywork Society's work has brightened random street corners and local art museums alike. Now, Icelandic yarn stormer Linda Björk Eiríksdóttir, aka BarbaKnit, has come from Reykjavík to lead local participants in a yarn-storming action in Civic Center Park Saturday as part of the Taste of Iceland, a touring event bringing the frigid island's food, drink, music and culture to American cities.

In advance of the event, we asked Eiríksdóttir to explain why she just can't stop decorating things with yarn. Keep reading for the full Q & A.

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Sheila Hydle will help you fuse with your inner artist at Glassateria

All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha
Sheila Hydle embarked on her new venture after the death of her father. "I wanted to use my inheritance to start something I'm passionate about," she explains. "I decided to do something different. Glass-cutting was the first thing that I felt passionate about. If my dad was here, I would still be in corporate America and unhappy."

But instead, she opened Glassateria, a studio that allows customers to become artists by working on their own glass-fusion project. "I love helping people feel creative and providing a place for them to let go of logic," Hydle says. "You can manipulate glass, but you can't control it."

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Metro professor offers free course on psychedelics and liberalism at Deer Pile

Richard Peterson
Denver musician and Metro professor Roger Green.
Known in the Denver music scene as a former guitarist of The Czars and record producer for Joe Sampson and Esme Patterson, Metro State University of Denver professor Roger Green will be teaching "Psychedelic Aesthetics, Literature, and the Crisis in Liberalism," a donation-based, seven-week course at Deer Pile beginning Sunday, June 8. The class is derived from Green's doctoral dissertation, "Beware of Mad John: Psychedelic Aesthetics, Political Theology and Literature," which inspired his 2013 presentation at Oxford University titled "Pacifism as Practical Mysticism in Aldous Huxley's Eyeless in Gaza"; the sessions will offer an eclectic mix of religion, economics, politics, mythology, literature and psychedelic drugs united by a common theme. Westword recently spoke with Green about the long, strange trip of this high-brow adventure.

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Get your craft on with Share Denver at Friday's Etsy "Recapture" Craft Party

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Courtesy of Share Denver.
Share Denver will be teaching how to embellish photographs at Friday night's gathering.
For supreme crafter Becky Hensley, the best thing about doing work by hand is not knowing everything about a chosen artform. "A big part of Share Denver's philosophy is that you probably know how to do something and that thing you know how to do is probably something I want to know how to do," says Hensley. "If you are interested in sharing that information and you like to teach or get better at what you do, we encourage you to come to Share Denver and teach."

This Friday, June 6, Share Denver has partnered with Etsy for "Recapture," an evening dedicated to using embroidery to bring vintage photographs to life. In the process, the event will bring novice and expert crafters together to have fun and get to know each other through something as simple as a shared interest.

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Rhinoceropolis becomes a life-size diorama to house art and music for Fantasia 2014

A look at Rhinoceropolis as it transforms into an aquarium world for Fantasia 2014.
For this year's edition of Fantasia 2014, Colin Ward says he was moved to action by the urban environment he experiences every day.

"For years I've been diehard passionate about the world kind of waking up -- I believe that there are so many bad decisions being made with the design of cities," says the artist, musician and one of many collaborators behind this art and music gathering. "Urban environments are boring; whoever is in charge of these shared physical spaces -- it's like we're walking around in someone else's program."

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