Maureen "Baby Face" Riordon will make her debut at Glory 16 Fight

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Photo courtesy of Hoodlum Photography.
On Saturday, May 3, local mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Maureen "Baby Face" Riordon will make her professional kickboxing debut with Glory Sports International, the top professional kickboxing league in the world. After being out of the fight scene for a year -- she was seriously injured while training someone else -- Riordon will not only be featured in the first-ever female fight for Glory, but be featured in her hometown, at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.

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Vagabond Happy Hour caps off Big Read project this Friday

Marilynne Robinson.
Since January, Lighthouse Writers Workshop has been celebrating literature, keying off The Big Read , a National Endowment for the Arts program designed to encourage people to read for pleasure -- not because they have to -- and this year highlighting Marilynne Robinson's novel Housekeeping. Denver has joined 77 other communities in hosting readings, parties and contests, and the winners of Denver's Big Read contest were just announced.

Several of the winning pieces will be featured during the Vagabond Happy Hour on Friday, April 25, the finale to this year's project.

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The four most cannabis-unfriendly events this 4/20 weekend

Ludlow photograph from the Pueblo History Museum
While 4/20 is celebrated by stoners worldwide, Coloradans do it better than anybody else: A day of unity and political activism where participants can spend their every waking moment consuming cannabis is hard to beat, holiday-wise. But April 20 this year also happens to be Easter Sunday and the fifth night of Passover. While kicking off your private seder with a kush Kiddush, or hunting for medible-stuffed Easter eggs while gorging on Peeps and Cadbury cremes with a group of fellow adult stoners, are both fine ways to celebrate this unique confluence of holidays, most official celebrations this weekend are either religious or kid-centric in nature. As such, there will be no kind of any kind encouraged. While no one can prevent you from attending any of these events under the influence, if you show up red-eyed and reeking, be prepared for askance glances from concerned parents and clergy -- particularly if you keep giggling at the phrase "askance glances."

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Valkarie Gallery's "Community, Create, Converse" is an open house for art-making

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Valkarie Gallery.
When veteran artists Frank Farrar, Valerie Savarie and Karrie York opened Valkarie Fine Art Gallery and Studio last fall, they wanted to create a place not just where they could show and make art, but make connections with other local creatives. This Thursday evening, April 17, the space will host "Community, Create, Converse," the first in what the trio hopes will become a weekly meet-up for artists to get together and work.

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Walking West: Conor McGarrigle draws the line at Colfax Avenue -- all 26.2 miles

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Photo by Jenny Filipetti.
Artist Conor McGarrigle drawing the line as he walks.
Last Friday, Conor McGarrigle walked Colfax Avenue -- the longest continuous commercial street in the U.S. -- and drew a 26.2 mile line captured in a satellite photograph. The walking art performance, named Walking West, was conceived as a catalyst for a discussion of the role of Colfax Avenue in the cultural, social, economic and political life of Denver. But McGarrigle also had a more personal mission.

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Denver's Dangerous Theatre gives audiences a leg up with Black Stockings

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Photo courtesy of Hawksdream Photography
Winnie Wenglewick and Brittany Lacour in Black Stockings.
Winnie Wenglewick was introduced to the threater through the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, where she volunteered for ten years. That experience so inspired her that in 2006 she opened Denver's Dangerous Theatre, and started not just producing and directing, but acting. She'll do all three with Dangerous Theatre's production of Peter McGarry's Black Stockings, which will have a three-week run here before it moves on to this year's Orlando fringe festival.

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One Day in Denver invites filmmakers to document the city for a collective film

On April 26, filmmakers across the city are invited to take part in One Day in Denver. Novice camera-phone auteurs and skilled movie-makers alike will be capturing their unique perspectives on Denver and then submitting the footage to the multi-faceted documentary project. The project is a spin-off of One Day on Earth, a 2010 project involving films from thousands of participants around the world; Denver is one of eleven U.S. cities putting together its own metro version of One Day.

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Watch Game of Thrones in the company of your fellow geeks every Sunday

Enjoy the adventures of Arya and the Hound every Sunday at the Armoury.
Now that HBO's magnificent Game of Thrones is back, Sunday nights just became appointment viewing again. That's great news unless your free HBO just expired, or your ex-roommate finally changed his HBO Go password or you're not sure you can stand watching alone knowing that the show is probably just waiting to break your heart by killing your favorite character. Or hell, maybe you just like making an event of watching one of the best shows on television. Whatever the case, get thee to the Armoury this Sunday, and every Sunday when there's a new episode, and all of those Game of Thrones-related problems will be solved.

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Celebrate the paper-doll art of iconic fashion illustrator Jim Howard on Saturday

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A decade ago artist Jim Howard came to Denver for a paper doll convention, visiting from his home in Taos. That's when Rachel Hoffman, operations manager for local antiques and rare doll shop Turn of the Century Antiques, met him. And as she got to know Howard, she discovered that he wasn't just a master of paper dolls, he was also one of the premier fashion illustrators of the last forty years. This Saturday, April 12, Howard will be at Turn of the Century, talking about designing looks for Revlon, big-name department stores and couture brands, as well as his more recent paper-doll work.

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GRASP hosts Fruits of War screening and fundraiser for gang-tattoo removal

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The documentary Fruits of War tells the story of four former members of Mara Salvatrucha 13, who are all now part of the social justice organization Homies Unidos. GRASP, the Gang Rescue and Support Project, is hosting a screening of the documentary at Su Teatro on April 8 to raise funds for its gang tattoo removal program.

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