Five Best Ways to Make Your Yuletide Gay

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Santa has a lump of coal for whoever stole the gay out of this ornament.
In the 1944 musical Meet Me In St. Louis, Judy Garland (of course) introduced the world to the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," which features this line: "Make the yuletide gay." This could have been a watershed moment in homosexual pop culture, inspiring millions of people to turn the holiday into an over-the-top, fabulous celebration. ("Okay, Judy, I will," they said under their breath -- and BOOM, tinsel was born.)

Yes, there's some merit to the argument that used pre-Stonewall, the word "gay" just meant "happy and carefree." Just last year Hallmark got tongues wagging when it changed out that very word from the old holiday jam "Deck the Halls" (with a lyrical origin of 1867) and replaced it with "fun" in a bizarre sweater ornament that seemed crafted to annoy the very (only?) demographic that would ever purchase such a product. Scores of LGBTQ organizations took note and pestered Hallmark with threats of black coal and clothing gifts a size too small with no receipt, and managed to get the company to admit that it had no right to take the "gay" out of Christmas. After all, one of the primary activities of this holiday includes decorating a giant phallic symbol with dozens of shiny balls and then covering everything in (Judy) garland and lace.

Whether you like it or not, Christmas was and always will be gay -- in every definition of the word. Here are five ways to make sure your holiday is fabulous, same sex-y and maybe just a bit too much.

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Tsigereda Gugia Debuts Her Designs at Dress to Impress Fashion Show Saturday

Tsigereda Gugia has been designing since she was a seven-year-old girl in Ethiopia. She moved to the United States for college, and now will showcase her latest designs on Saturday, December 20 at Gazelle Model's Dress to Impress fashion show and clothing sale at the Cherry Creek Hilton Garden Inn, hosted by Abyssinians Familys and La Rue Fashion Parade.

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Make a Sock Puppet and Spark Your Inner Artist at Madelife Friday

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Credit D. Scott Clark Photography.
Madelife is a collaborative space where artists can develop their craft.
When creativity sparks in a young person, it tends to get extinguished by societal -- and often parental -- pressures to join "the real world" and get a "real job." But the people behind Madelife want to fan that flame. "A lot of young people are told or just feel like the creative path isn't a realistic avenue to go professionally," says Madelife director Leah Brenner. "It's hard when you're younger. You're just focused on getting a job and being independent. But it's such a pivotal age where you're setting the groundwork. We want to show that that they can be creative and choose a path that's right for them."

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Prud Collective Launches Ethical Fashion With a Fashion Show and Pop-Up Shop on Thursday

All photos by Amfo Connolly
African tradition meets Colorado style on Thursday, December 18 at Beacons Community Creative Space, where Prud Collective will host an Ethical Fashion launch of its new spring 2015 line with a pop-up shop, cocktails and a fashion show. Prud founder Dacia McPherson's love of American, Japanese and Scandinavian styles are clear in the collection, as are the artistic influences of her design team.

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Women's Global Empowerment Fund Brings Support to Ugandan Women; Support WGEF Tomorrow

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Credit Jen Davidson
Karen Sugar with Betty, a peer counselor and member of WGEF's program.
Years ago, in what she calls a moment of brilliance or insanity, Karen Sugar decided to start an international development organization for women. Sugar began by looking for a location where women had the most critical need for empowerment, but she soon realized that the location wasn't as important as the bond between women. "It didn't matter where I went, because I know as women we're all connected," Sugar explains. "As women, we all have similar experiences as we walk the planet, whether it's discrimination or abuse, physical or emotional. Although our lives look different, we can relate to being a woman."

On Wednesday, December 10, the Women's Global Empowerment Fund will hold its annual fundraiser at RedLine, which is curently featuring an art exhibit by Judy Chicago. This year's event happens to fall on Human Rights Day, and will feature guest speaker Pat Blumenthal, the director of philanthropy for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado.

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Five Ways to Celebrate Santa Tomorrow, From Speedo Runs to Bar Crawls

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Britt Chester
Throw on a Santa suit and throw one back
Christmas is just twenty days away, and if you haven't yet been bombarded by the Pentatonix holiday album in your office, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see Kris Kringle this weekend. You can even become Santa yourself -- or at least get in the bag. Here are the four top Santa events this weekend.

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Disney on Ice Skater Robin Johnstone Talks About Kids, Glitz and Playing Jasmine

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Credit ©Disney, ©Disney/Pixar, ©Feld Entertainment
Disney on Ice comes to Denver this week, celebrating holidays throughout the year.
Playing a Disney character is no easy feat. There's a lot of pressure to keep the dream alive for kids. It's even harder on ice skates. But Disney on Ice is a favorite childhood pastime. This week, catch Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate at the Pepsi Center, where more than fifty characters will celebrate holidays through the year.

Skater Robin Johnstone has been with the company for eighteen years and has played several characters, including Mulan and Jane from Tarzan. For Let's Celebrate, she'll be reprising her favorite roll as Princess Jasmine.

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Red Ball Denver struts for World AIDS Day on Sunday

Photos courtesy of Colorado AIDS Project

Fashion shows with intricate hairstyles, theatrical mak-up and haute couture are always a feast for the eyes. When the spectacle is for a good cause, it makes the entertainment a charitable effort. This is the case with Denver's Red Ball, now in in its sixth year. We spoke with Jeff Trujillo, Colorado AIDS Project manager of marketing and events in advance of the show -- which takes place Sunday, November 30, at Exdo Event Center -- to find out what makes this fashion show so unique and what surprises are in store for guests.

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The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in December

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That's not Santa on the line.
Don't worry if you've been too naughty for Santa to bring you anything good, because December is full of great stuff for every geek girl and boy. You won't even have to leave any cookies and milk out to enjoy all the great nerd fun that Denver has in store for you this month, from weird horror to hard science. Here, in chronological order, are Denver's ten best geek events in December.

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Dan Stafford on Cowtown Comics Fest, Kilgore Books and His John Porcellino Movie

Noah Van Sciver
There's no shortage of fun for comics lovers in Denver, but local creators can get lost in the shuffle at some of the bigger cons. Not so at the Cowtown Comics Fest, hosted annually by Kilgore Books and happening Sunday, November 23 at Morey Middle School. Aside from John Porcellino, who no longer lives here but has deep roots in the Denver comics scene (including founding the Cowtown Comics Fest years ago), all of the talent at the fest will be people you might see scribbling away in your favorite coffee shop. That includes renowned artists such as Noah Van Sciver, Stan Yan and Karl Christian Krumpholz, as well as up-and-coming creators you haven't heard of yet. Plus, Stafford's own documentary film on Porcellino, Root Hog or Die, complete with a post-screening Q&A with Stafford and Porcellino, will close out the day's activities. Before the fest, we sat down with festival organizer Dan Stafford to find out what to expect from the fest, why it disappeared for a few years and what's so great about Denver's comics scene.

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