Photos: The National Western Stock Show Parade Stampedes Downtown Denver

The National Western Stock Show got off to an unofficial start yes with the traditional sashay through the streets of downtown Denver yesterday, with b-ball star Chauncey Billups leading the way as the 2015 Grand Marshal. Photog Brandon Marshall was there to capture all the longhorns, cowpokes, prancing ponies and rodeo queens as they brought back a taste of Denver's cowtown past; keep reading for more images.

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Ruby Hill Rail Yard Opens Today -- the Earliest Opening Date Since 2007

Colin Bane
Ruby Hill Rail Yard, last year
Colorado's freezing temperatures may be a pain for some, but for Ruby Hill Rail Yard it means the earliest opening day since the urban ski spot was introduced in 2007. After almost two weeks of volunteer preparation, which included making the snow, Ruby Hill will open today.

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Top Three Things to Do at Aspen Gay Ski Week That Have Nothing to Do With Skiing

Categories: Events, LGBTQ

20th Century Fox
Aspen Gay Ski Week promises slopes full of stupid, sexy Flanders and more.

When I was a young Colorado gay-ling, circa 1995, when I first heard about Aspen Gay Ski Week I thought, "Heavens to Betsy! Ski slopes full of gay men? Exactly how far away is Aspen?" Despite not caring a lick about skiing, I was seventeen and the idea of an event with "gay" in its name in our Amendment 2-riddled state was reason to fantasize about packing a knapsack, hobo-style, and hitchhiking (I was obsessed with Even Cowgirls Get the Blues at the time) my way to this brazen homo-event.

Further inspection of the flier quickly made me realize that anyone not of legal age (and with only my allowance money) was not going to have a great time just hanging around in the cold outside of scores of amazing, sexy parties, and that I should probably save my allowance for that Super Nintendo I wanted, anyhow. But then even further inspection showed me the history behind the event, which suddenly elevated it beyond just an ice- covered pleasuredome.

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The Church of Coen Worships Filmmaking Brothers at Services Starting Sunday

Tristram Nelson
Show your devotion at the Church of Coen.
Joel and Ethan Coen, the beloved filmmaking duo, have been gathering a cult following with their unique blend of darkly comic -- or just flat-out dark or comic -- films for over thirty years. From Fargo to O Brother, Where Art Thou? to No Country For Old Men and The Hudsucker Proxy, the brothers' films have attracted a dedicated fan base eager to devour every project. Followers will have to wait until 2016 to see their next movie, Hail, Caesar!, but thanks to two popular local film lovers, The Church of Coen is now open for worship.

Starting this Sunday, and continuing every second Sunday of the month thereafter, Syntax Psychic Opera will host free screenings of all the Coen Brothers films, in chronological order. This homage is the brainchild of Theresa Mercado, curator of the Cruel Summer/Winter/Spring film series and the Alamo's new Screen Scream, and Ian O'Dougherty, musician and producer with Uphollow, Tauntaun and Ian Cooke, who have a shared history of Coen love.

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Terri Barton Gregg on Deacon Gray and "Kick Cancer in the Throat," a Benefit Tomorrow

One of the blessings of a career in standup is being part of the small but fiercely loyal community of comics sharing the same journey. When one of our own is down, the shock reverberates through the scene and comedians scramble to help out. So when Deacon Gray, new talent coordinator at Comedy Works and de facto mentor to Denver's fledgling standups, was diagnosed with cancer, comics were eager to give anything back to the man who inspires us to try harder. Shepherding these efforts is Terri Barton Gregg, who organizes countless benefit shows and fundraisers through her company, Hold Please Productions. We caught up with Gregg to discuss Deacon and "Kick Cancer in the Throat," a benefit show on January 9 at Jake's, and in the process learned the meaning of several Yiddish words.

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Swearfest Celebrates Storytelling -- and Profanity -- at Quixote's Friday

Categories: Events

Get ready for The Moth Radio Hour meets Trailer Park Boys. After a successful stop in Trinidad last month, when it filled councilwoman Pat Fletcher's house with off-color humor, Swearfest is coming to Denver this weekend. Swearfest is "storytelling at its best," says Scott Mastro, aka Tender Bastard, who stages these swearing extravaganzas with "the perfect pinch of profanity tour and public hanging."

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Buntport Theater Revives an Audience Favorite About Tommy Lee Jones

Hannah Duggan plays Jane, Jones's waitress
By popular demand, Buntport Theater Company is bringing back Tommy Lee Jones Goes to Opera Alone after two years off the stage. Like every Buntport production, this show was a collaborative creation by all six members of the company. The idea for the show was inspired by a sighting of Jones standing alone in the ticket line of the Santa Fe Opera.

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Stanley Hotel Hosting a Spooky Hedge Maze Contest Inspired by The Shining

Do you have what it takes to design a twisted feature for Colorado's spookiest landmark?
For decades, fans of Stephen King's The Shining have made a pilgrimage to Estes Park to visit the Stanley Hotel, the famous inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in King's horror novel, and though the Stanley embraces its pop-culture connection and is overflowing with spooky hauntings and creepiness, one physical manifestation from the novel and film, the hedge maze, has never existed.

Until now. Thanks to the tourist attraction's recent success with the horror-themed Stanley Film Festival, the hedge maze is about to come to life. The hotel is holding an international contest to design a brand-new, 61,500-square-foot maze that will sit on the front lawn of the hotel -- as it did in King's novel, where it was more of a topiary garden, made up of 1,600 to 2,000 Alpine Currant hedge bushes.

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The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in January

Categories: Events, Lists

The new year is upon us, and it's time to start making -- and breaking -- resolutions. If you've resolved to get out and do more fun geeky activities in 2015, then you're in luck -- January will help you start the year off right. From gaming tournaments to classic horror on the big screen, the month to come offers a bounty of geeky joy. Here, in chronological order, are ten of January's best geek events.

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The Seven Best Fashion Events in Denver in January

Categories: Events, Fashion

Out with the old and in with the new -- clothes, at least. The new year signals new fashion, and we've rounded up the seven best fashion events of the first month of 2015, evertyhing from pop-up trunk shows to fashion-industry meet-ups.

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