Grand Dame of Drag Charles Busch Discusses Thirty Years of Performing

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Michael Wakefield
Charles Busch, the "Grand Dame" of drag.
Playwright, actor and "grand dame" Charles Busch has been commanding the stage for more than thirty years. A last-minute campy show he wrote and performed in the East Village of New York City in 1984 catapulted him to fame, and since then Busch's plays have been performed on Broadway and turned into movies. Busch is best known as a female impersonator, though, and next week he'll perform Hit the Lights, his cabaret show, at the Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater in Colorado Springs, which is also showing his Psycho Beach Party movie. Busch will be speaking at the theater on Sunday, October 26; in advance of his visit to Colorado, Westword caught up with Busch to discuss dressing in drag, cult classics and his cabaret show.

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Local Whiskerinas Will Add Hair-Raising Fun to Boulder Facial Hair Club Contest Tomorrow

The Whiskerinas
Chewbacca Beard.
With No Shave November just around the corner, celebrations of Colorado's best beards and mustaches are already under way. The Boulder Facial Hair Club will be hosting its second annual Beard and Moustache Contest in Longmont tomorrow, October 25, at Dickens Opera House; this year's competition will feature eight categories, including one devoted to women. While the idea of women participating in a facial hair competition might sound weird, it's actually a growing trend around the world.

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Hampton Yount on Conan, Depression and What to Expect at Sexpot Comedy Tonight

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Comedy Central
Hampton Yount, a rising star on the national comedy circuit, will bring his hilarious laugh-attack to Sexpot Comedy at the Oriental Theater tonight, when Sexpot cofounder Andy Juett will be celebrating a birthday -- not to mention the imminent launch of and the upcoming one-year anniversary of the live series. "We've been really fortunate to have a lot of friends come through town and do the show," Juett says. "We book the types of comics that raise eyebrows due to the caliber of our national and local acts."

The continued support is reflected in Denver's burgeoning comedy scene.
It's been growing pretty rapidly for the last couple of years," he reports. "Month after month, the Sexpot show attracts new people who have never seen the show." And the audience isn't just larger, it's diverse: "This scene has been getting bigger than the core of mostly urban folks. We're seeing people from all walks of life who are interested in a good product. We're seeing a whole swath of different folks who just really enjoy comedy."

In advance of tonight's show, we caught up with Yount to ask what it was like to be on Conan, and what to expect from him here in Denver.

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Denver Modern Home Tour Shows Off the Latest in Local Architecture

Courtesy of Denver Modern Home Tour.
One stop on the tour, 3510 West 18th Avenue in Denver, designed by Studio HT Architecture.
Walk around any neighborhood in Denver and it is easy to see how fast the city is growing -- new architecture seems to be popping up around every corner. This Saturday, October 25, four newly-built homes will open their doors to the public for a closer look as part of the annual Denver Modern Home Tour. See these new builds from the inside out and get to know some of Denver's top designers and architecture firms through their work on this one-of-a-kind tour focusing on the best in contemporary living spaces.

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The Doctor Is In: Dr. Sketchy's Makes a Triumphant Return

Vanessa Heart, who'll model for the upcoming Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School session.
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-­Art School -- a life-­drawing class combined with a cabaret show -- is back. Burlesque artist Vivienne VaVoom (aka Michelle Baldwin) launched Dr. Sketchy's five years ago, but she put it on unintentional hiatus a few years ago. "I decided it was time to take a break because of all the other crazy stuff I do," she says. "So I talked to other folks who were interested in taking it over and handed over the reins -- but they discovered that they also had very busy lives. So it was a series of people picking it up, getting super-­excited about it, and then realizing they didn't have time to do it."

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Twenty of the Best Kid-Friendly Halloween Celebrations

Children's Museum of Denver.
Join the Children's Museum of Denver this weekend for its popular annual Trick or Treat Street.
Halloween is a holiday celebrated by all ages, but being a kid this time of year is something special. And from costume contests to magical worlds that only appear during the spooky season, the city is packed with places where hardcore candy seekers can get their sugar fix, little ones will find fun and games and older kids might discover more haunting experiences. Check the Westword calendar for a full listing of events throughout October, and keep reading for the best kid-friendly parties and events that everyone from toddlers to teens can enjoy.

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Everything at the Bro Show: MMA Fights, Beer Pong, Classic Cars and Man Cave Accessories
Men gathered for a manly good time this weekend, when the inaugural Bro Show strode confidently into the Denver Mart, bringing with it a melange of beer kits, big-screen TVs, guns, MMA tournaments, gigantic trucks and more. Ken Hamblin snapped these images of the action; keep reading for a taste of the Bro Show.

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Truth Be Told Story Slam Hits Boulder Sunday

Credit Marvin A. Ross
Truth Be Told hosts Johanna Walker and Nina Rolle entertain the audience.
In today's world, the art of storytelling has been diminished by quick texts and 140-character tweets. So Nina Rolle and Johanna Walker are crusading to keep storytelling alive with the Truth Be Told story slam. "I think that people really crave stories," Walker says. "They help us build community and find our place in the world. Someone else's story can help us make sense of what it is to be human. People are really longing to connect with other people, especially in this day of hyper information."

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"Pockets of Contextless Waste As Points" invites viewers to be present for performance

"Egyptian Paralysis," the first album release from Hippies Wearing Muzzles.
When musician, performer (and sometime Westword contributor) Luke Leavitt set out to create "Pockets of Contextless Waste As Points," he saw it as a way to finally cross paths with an Internet friend. The part-music, part-poetry, part-performance art event happening at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, October 18 at DIY space Hamsterdam, 3547 Brighton Boulevard, was shaped around finally connecting in real life with Lee Evans A.K.A. Hippies Wearing Muzzles, a longtime social-networking acquaintance.

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Ink Monstr Celebrates Sticker Art With Sticky Situation at Cluster Saturday

Photo courtesy of Ink Monstr
Stickers are not just for stationary. Ink Monstr, a graphic design and print shop, will be taking over Cluster Studios for Sticky Situation, a one-night-only elite art show and competition on Saturday, October 18. And you can help choose the artist who moves on to the national contest.

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