See I Am a Knife with Legs, Party with Reel Social Club Friday

Party like the rock star lead of I Am a Knife With Legs
No film festival is complete without a few sweet parties, and the Starz Denver Film Festival is no exception. If you're only going to hit up one of those parties, make sure it's the one with classic arcade games, DJs and an open bar, all in honor of an award for what has to be one of the strangest films of the whole festival.

"This is our third annual Reel Social Club Indie Voice award. We tie it to one film in the festival and throw an after-party following the film, and welcome a guest we present the award to them," says Reel Social Club co-founder Katie Shapiro. "In previous years we honored Leo Fitzpatrick, Jason Biggs and Jason Ritter."

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Photos: Bhutan Refugees Chronicle Their Journey to Colorado

Bhim Bahadur Bhattarai
For many refugees, their flight to the United States was their first experience with air travel.
A photography exhibit opening this weekend offers rare glimpses of an arduous journey: The long road taken by displaced people from Bhutan, many of whom have spent years in refugee camps awaiting resettlement opportunities, to strange new worlds -- like Aurora, Colorado. The images were taken by young refugees themselves, with cameras handed out in a resettlement camp in eastern Nepal by the Denver-based Picture Me Here project.

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Fake Diamonds Relaunches with Pop Up Shop at Love Gallery tonight

Photo courtesy of Dillon Morton
The start of Dillon Morton's clothing company, Fake Diamonds, came in 2009, "when I first learned to convert an art piece of mine in photoshop to have screen-printed on a shirt," he recalls. "After I was able to sell those initial twelve shirts, I went for it and designed about five other shirts and worked with a close friend of mine, Mike Pack, to create a website and Lookbook.

"From there, the goal was to continue learning and pushing what we could do with each collection we released," Morton explains. And tonight he'll relaunch Fake Diamonds with a pop-up shop at Love Gallery.

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Micklina Peter Kenyi, a Lost Girl of Sudan, Tells Her Story in Boulder This Week

Categories: Events

Courtesy Micklina Kenyi
Micklina Kenyi came to America after fleeing from genocide in South Sudan.
Almost thirty years ago, Micklina Peter Kenyi was living in South Sudan when war broke out. She spent the next few years fighting to survive with other children who came to be known as the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan. Now a Colorado resident, Kenyi will be at the Museum of Boulder on November 12 as part of its Boulder Conversations with Extraordinary People series to talk about her life and accomplishments.

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Reverend Phil Discusses Bicycle Erotica and Watching Porn in Public

Categories: Events, Sex, Sports
Reverend Phil, Founder of Bike Smut
Still shot from Bitchy Tutorial: Volume 1, one of the Bike Smut films.

Some people get off to porn, other people get down to BDSM role play. And then there are those people who are turned on by bicycles. Bike Smut is a collection of short erotic films that have everything to do with bikes. This DIY bicycle-themed festival has been traveling across the country for eight years now, showcasing the sexual fetishes of cyclists. Bike SMut pedals through Colorado November 8-12, with stops in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

Westword recently caught up with Reverend Phil Sano, founder of Bike Smut and an ordained minister with the Seattle Dead Baby Bike Club's Church of Bicycle Jesus, to talk more about those who get on their bikes to get off.

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John Leguizamo on His Standup Tour, Fugly and Summer of Sam

Courtesy John Leguizamo
To call comedian John Leguizamo versatile is an understatement. The man is a show-business chameleon, flexing his talents in writing and producing, while also acting in film, television and on Broadway. This weekend Leguizamo will bring his Latin History for Dummies tour to Comedy Works South. In advance of the two-night run, we talked with Leguizamo about what makes him tick and how he can switch roles so effectively.

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The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in November

Categories: Events, Lists

Bub awaits you at the end of November.
Give thanks for being a geek. Even though October's bounty of geek goodness is behind us, November brings a cornucopia of its own, stuffed with much more than just turkey and Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns. Here, in chronological order, are Denver's ten best geek events in November.

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Ten Top Day of the Dead Celebrations in Denver This Week

Kyle Huninghake for Westword.
The Día de los Muertos celebration at Pirate: Contemporary Art is a Denver tradition.
History, art, culture and tradition come together in Día de los Muertos, which will go down throughout the upcoming weekend. From gallery gatherings and family-friendly celebrations to cultural workshops and cocktail parties, Day of the Dead attracts city-wide attention across multiple days of great events and celebrations. You can find them all in our online Westword calendar, but here are our top ten ways to celebrate this spirited holiday.

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Ryan Alexander Creative Launches Local Lounge To Highlight Denver Fashion

All photos by Chelsie Kappius

The inner circle of Denver's fashion scene turned out Thursday for Local Lounge, a networking event hosted by Ryan Alexander Creative that was intended to showcase some of Denver's fashion designers to the media and to each other.

"We started this event is to bring awareness to Denver's weird underground fashion scene that nobody knows about, but it is definitely here," says Ryan Alexander, the principal founder and creator of Ryan Alexander Creative.

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Grand Dame of Drag Charles Busch Discusses Thirty Years of Performing

Categories: Events

Michael Wakefield
Charles Busch, the "Grand Dame" of drag.
Playwright, actor and "grand dame" Charles Busch has been commanding the stage for more than thirty years. A last-minute campy show he wrote and performed in the East Village of New York City in 1984 catapulted him to fame, and since then Busch's plays have been performed on Broadway and turned into movies. Busch is best known as a female impersonator, though, and next week he'll perform Hit the Lights, his cabaret show, at the Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater in Colorado Springs, which is also showing his Psycho Beach Party movie. Busch will be speaking at the theater on Sunday, October 26; in advance of his visit to Colorado, Westword caught up with Busch to discuss dressing in drag, cult classics and his cabaret show.

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